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Form Editor - FormLayout Help

The FormLayout manages forms of input controls and their associated labels.

FormLayout lays out its children in a two-column form. The left column consists of labels and the right column consists of “field” controls (line editors, spin boxes, etc.).

Form Editor - FormLayout


Form Editor - FormLayout Properties

  • Name – The name of the layout.
  • Label Alignment – The horizontal alignment of the labels. If none is chosen, the default alignment for the platform is applied.
  • Spacing Horizontal – Sets the spacing between controls that are laid out side by side.
  • Spacing Vertical – Sets the spacing between controls that are laid out vertically.


These properties set the width of the outer borders on each side of the control. This is the width of the reserved space along each of the BoxLayout's four sides.

  • Left – The left margin.
  • Top – The top margin.
  • Right – The right margin.
  • Bottom – The bottom margin.



  • created – This signal is emitted after the object is created.
  • destroyed – This signal is emitted immediately before the object is destroyed, and can not be blocked. All the objects's children are destroyed immediately after this signal is emitted.
  • needUpdate – This signal is emitted when the control needs to be updated, for example, on the change of the current record.
  • objectNameChanged( objectName ) – This signal is emitted after the object's name has been changed, with the new object name passed as an argument.

Form Editor - Form Layout Signals