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Form Editor - Palette

Form Editor - Widgets

The Form Editor Palette is where you can find controls and layouts for designing forms.

You can build forms using the Form Editor in Valentina Studio Pro. You can deploy forms to users of Valentina Studio Pro and also the free Valentina Studio.

To add a control or layout item to the form it is necessary to select it on the palette and drag to the desired place. Insertion place will be marked with a bold blue line.

To add a Form Editor Palette object to a form, drag the object from the palette to the desired location on the form.

While you drag objects from the palette to the form, a preview appears as a blue outline on the destination.

After you add an object to the form, you can change it using the Property Inspector.


Once a form is created it has its own Form control in the hierarchy. It is a base for adding all other layouts and controls into it.


Database controls have a small database sign on their icons.

Such control is always bound to the dataset and represents a field of a table or entire table, depending on its type.


Layout objects are used to contain and organize other objects within a form to apply consistency.

  • BoxLayout – layout lines up controls horizontally or vertically.
  • FormLayout – layout manages forms of input controls and their associated labels.
  • Widget – provides a container to place layout and other controls into it.
  • TabWidget – provides a stack of tabbed controls.
  • Expander – provides blank space in a layout, can expand horizontally or vertically.


Widgets is a group of controls not bound to the datasource and they don't directly assign (or show) their values to the table fields.

  • Button – control provides a command button.
  • ToolButton – control provides a quick-access button to commands or options, usually used inside a toolbar.
  • ComboBox – selection control.
  • SpinBox – control to input an integer value.
  • CheckBox – control provides a checkbox with a text label.
  • RadioButton – control provides a radio button with a text label.
  • Label – control provides a text display.
  • HyperLink – control provides a hyperlink which either opens a default browser window with the specified URL or executes a custom script.
  • LineEdit – single-line text input.
  • TextEdit – multi-line text input.
  • ListView – shows a list of items.
  • Image – control provides an image display.
  • Line – control to show a vertical or horizontal line.