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Report Editor - 3D Function Chart Help

The report engine allows to build 3-dimensional charts for a function of two variables.


To assign function for chart make double click by mouse on the chart control. After that will appears the dialog window where you can specify a basic parameters of the chart. To create a chart for 3D function - select corresponding type of chart in the left panel of dialog, where represented available types.

  • Enabled – If ON current plot will be displayed on the chart.
  • Function – The text of function, that should be represented on the chart.
  • Parameters – Additional parameters of the chart.
    • Draw Surface – If ON report engine draws chart like homogeneous surface. If OFF report engine draws chart like skeleton of surface.
  • Ranges – The ranges of axes.
    • X – The range of the number axis X.
    • Y – The range of the number axis Y.
    • Z – The range of the number axis Z.


Report engine allows you to create chart with several plots. Each plot can display own data received from independent sources.

3d Function Chart with Several Plots3d Function Chart with Several Plots Without Surfaces

To create additional plot on your chart, you should go to another plot-tab in Source Data dialog and make next steps:

  • Switch Enable flag to ON.
  • Set Function for the new plot.
  • Set additional parameters, if needed.


Also you can change the final view of chart using property inspector for the chart control.