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Report Editor - Controls

Report Editor - Controls

Controls are tools for adding graphic or text information into the report. To add a control to the report need to select a needed item from the list of controls by mouse, and drag it into the required region of the report.

Any control can be changed by Property Inspector. You can modify the content, the form, the condition of printing and many others properties.

Field Control

  • Field - renders data from the datasource cursor.

Simple Controls

Here are listed controls that print a single item on the rendered report. These controls do not depend on dataset.

  • Ellipse - renders an ellipse shape.
  • Label - renders a text label.
  • Line - renders a line.
  • Rectangle - renders a rectangle.
  • Shape - renders a shape (e.g. star, arrow, …) from a pre-defined library.

Dataset Controls

Here are listed controls that are associated with different types of report data.

  • BarCode - renders a barcode.
  • Chart - renders a 2D/3D chart.
  • HTML - renders into report using HTML 2.0 input, which can come from URL or from database.
  • Picture - renders a picture that can come from a project, database or URL.
  • SubReport - allows to insert one report into another.
  • Table - renders records from the specified query in a table layout - NEW in 6.4.

Text Controls

Here are listed controls that produce text.

  • Expression – very important control, which allows you to build quite complex expressions that can use data from a dataset of report.
  • Summary – renders expression field with SUM function.
  • Date – renders the current date.
  • Time – renders the current time.
  • DateTime – renders the current date and time.

Controls Conversion

Starting with the version 8.3.3 the control placed on the scene can be converted to other types of controls.

For controls for which the conversion is available Convert to menu item is added in the context menu:

There are following conversion options available (the list of actual options depends on the control type):

  • Field - CheckBox - converts to the checkbox field.
  • Field - Label - converts to ordinary textual field label
  • Field - Picture - converts to the picture control which shows the picture from field
  • Expression - converts to the expression control
  • Summary - converts to the summary control
  • HTML - converts to the HTML control
  • Label - converts to the label control
  • Picture - converts to the picture control
It is necessary, for example, for MySQL datasource that doesn't have a separate BOOLEAN type, so the checkbox will take it's value from field of other type (TINYINT, BIT).