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Report Editor - Expression : Templates Help

Report Editor - Expression : Templates Help

The expression dialog offers a set of frequently used predefined code templates for the JavaSript expressions.

In order to insert it into the expression just double-click it in the list.

It has the following templates:

Column Numberreport.columnNumberCurrent column index
Column Countreport.columnCountTotal column count
Column Value$F('column_name')Value of a column from the source cursor
Database Namereport.datasource.databaseNameUsed database name
Paper Formatreport.designPaperFormatPaper format for the report
Datereport.generationDateDate representation
Date And Timereport.generationDateTimeDate and time representation
Dayreport.generationDayDay of the month (01-31)
Hourreport.generationHourHour in 24h format (00-23)
Minutereport.generationMinuteMinute (00-59)
Monthreport.generationMonthMonth as a decimal number (01-12)
Month Namereport.generationMonthNameFull month name
Timereport.generationTimeTime representation
Week Dayreport.generationWeekDayFull weekday name
Report Namereport.nameName of the report
Page Countreport.pageCountTotal page count
Page Numberreport.pageNumberCurrent page index
Parameter Value$P('parameter_name')Value of a report's parameter
Record Numberreport.cursor.positionCurrent record index
Record Countreport.cursor.recordCountTotal record count
SQL Expression$E('ABS(column1 + column2)')Value of a SQL expression (based on the source cursor)