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Report Editor - Table : Simple Table Help

The simplest table prints all records of the source query without any relation to the records of the report.

It may be used, for example, to show the contents of some database table without filtering or splitting into groups.


Let you have a database with table “payment”:

As an example, we will create a report, that will contain a list of all existing payments.

In this case a query of the report should return only one 'dummy' record, and all actual data will be retrieved using the table source query.

Preparatory Steps

  • Create a query “Query_Empty” for report with just one record.
  • Create a query “Query_Payments” for table with the list of payments.
  SELECT * FROM payment
  • Create a report, that will hold the table, set “Query_Empty” as a query for it.

  • Insert a table control and set “Query_Payments” as a query for it.

  • Define the contents of the table using Columns Editor dialog.


Resulting table layout is shown on the following picture: