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Report Editor - Labels

A Label is a special type of report for printing mailing labels, price tags, business cards and more.

A Label is designed within the Report Editor, just like an ordinary report. Labels have some differences from other kinds of reports. These include:

  • Labels have only one region
  • Labels cannot be a multi-part report
  • Labels fit as many columns as possible onto a single page

Labels can also be single or double-sided.

The width of the label can be modified using the vertical handle.

Double-Sided Labels

Unlike regular reports, labels can be double-sided. They are used if you need to create different designs for your label's front and back sides.

In that case, all even pages contain the back sides for the labels on the odd pages.

To make a label double-sided, check its two_sided property in the Property Inspector.

The layout pages tab bar contains two tabs – Front Side and Back Side.

Different information can be printed on the sides of the label, but both sides use the same query and always show fields from the same record.

Preview of the front side:

Preview of the back side: