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Report Editor - Printing

When the report is created, you can print it to the printer, connected to computer. Also, if the Valentina Server is used, it is possible to print to the server printer.

You can print reports directly to any connected printer. YOu can also print reports in conjunction with Valentina Server, which can print reports to any printer connected to the computer running Valentina Server.

The Print dialog is invoked from the toolbar in preview mode. On MacOS and Linux, a custom print dialog appears:

In this dialog you can set the target printer. It has two tabs.

Common Tab

On the tab Common you can set various printing options:

  • Page Size – paper format.
  • Orientation – paper orientation.
  • Fit to page – fit content to page size.
  • Copies – amount of copies.
  • Pages per sheet – number of source pages to print on one sheet.
  • Scaling – scaling ratio.
  • Collate – collate multiple copies.
  • Reverse – print multi-page document in the reverse order.
  • Two-side – enable two-sided printing on the printer if the printer supports it.

Displays options to define which pages to print:

  • Print all – print all pages.
  • Pages from .. to .. – set the range of pages for printing.
  • Page set – print all pages, odd, or even.
Printing from Valentina Studio to a local printer on Windows uses the standard Windows Print Dialog.

When you work with a server project, you can print either to locally installed printer, or printer, installed in the server system. In this case a Print button has a menu with appropriate items - Local and Server.

Printing from Valentina Server to an attached printer always uses the same custom Print dialog as for MacOS and Linux.