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Properties Inspector - Field Help

Properties Inspector - Field Help


  • align_horizontal – Set the horizontal alignment.
  • align_vertical – Set the vertical alignment.
  • border_color – Set the border color of control.
  • border_size – Set the border size of control.
  • border_style – Set the border style of control.
  • can_grow – If ON then report engine allows for the control to grow vertical if its value requires more space then designed. If OFF then the control will save its height, independently from value.
  • format – Choose a predefined format for string.
    • kind – Set the pattern kind.
    • pattern – Set the pattern to format string.
  • field – Specify a field.
  • indents – Set indents of control.
    • bottom – Set the bottom indent of control content.
    • left – Set the left indent of control content.
    • top – Set the right indent of control content.
    • right – Set the top indent of control content.
  • lines_interval - Set the interval between lines.
  • name – Set the name of member variable.
  • split_type – Specifies the region splitting at the end of the page after the control, if there is not enough space to fit this region completely. Possible values are: Default, Allow Split After, Prevent Split After. Default - determined by the region splitting flag and controls to the top. Allow Split After - region splitting allowed after this control. Prevent Split After - region can't be splitted after this control - it will be moved to the next page or splitted after another control to the bottom where splitting is allowed.
  • print – If ON then report engine prints the control. If OFF then the control will not be printed.
  • print_if – Set condition that specify if to print the control.
  • print_if_empty – If ON report engine prints this control even if its value is empty.
  • remove_empty_line – If ON then takes away the vertical space occupied by an object if the object is not visible.
  • transparent – If ON then the control will be transparent. If OFF then the control will be opaque.
  • wrap_text – If ON then report engine wraps the text. If OFF then text will be displayed together.

HTML Export

  • attributes – Attributes that will be used for HTML output.
  • id – ID of object for HTML output.
  • link – Set the link for HTML output.


  • back_color – Set the background color of control.
  • font – Set the font of control.
  • font_style – Set the font style of control.
  • fore_color – Set the foreground color of control.
  • position – Set the position of control.
  • position_type – Specifies type of position for this control. It can be Float or Fixed. A floated control can change its position if a control above changes the size.
  • size – Set the size of control.