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Properties Inspector - Report Help


  • back_color – Set the background color of region.
  • checkmark – The checkmark to show TRUE boolean values.
  • checkmark_empty – The checkmark to show FALSE boolean values.
  • column_spacing – The space (in pixels) between columns if we have more than one column on the page.
  • columns – The number of columns on the page. Default is one.
  • data – Group of properties that define data source for report.
    • datasource – Set datasource for the report.
    • query – Set query the report.
  • gutter – The blank space between facing pages of the report.
    • gutter_width – The gutter width.
    • gutter_start_right – If ON, then the gutter will be placed on the first page of the report ( like on the right page of the book).
  • margins – The margins of region.
    • margin_bottom – Set the bottom margin of group.
    • margin_left – Set the left margin of group.
    • margin_right – Set the right margin of group.
    • margin_top – Set the top margin of group.
  • max_pages – Specifies the maximal number of pages to print in the report. On default it is ZERO what means no limit. You can use this limit to protect self from case when query returns unexpectedly many records.
  • max_records – The maximal number of records to print in the report.
  • name – Set the name of member variable.
  • orientation – Paper orientation. The default is book style.
  • paper – The paper size. The default is A4.
  • units – Units of the measurement.


  • post_build – Post build SQL script.
  • pre_build – Pre build SQL script.


  • center_horizontal – If TRUE report engine centers the page horizontally in the browser.
  • page_headerHTML text in the <head> section of a HTML page.
  • page_space – Space between pages in pixels.


  • xmp_data – If ON, the XMP data will be added to the output file.
  • xmp_cdata – If ON, the CDATA will be added to the output file.