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Properties Inspector - Table Help

Properties Inspector - Table


  • border_color – The color of the table lines.
  • border_size – The width of the table lines.
  • border_style – The style of the table lines.
  • columns - The number of columns, their contents and styles.
  • fit_in_page
  • font – The base font of the text in table.
  • has_footer – Property defines, if a table has a footer.
  • has_header – Property defines, if a table has a header.
  • has_total – Property defines, if a table has a total.
  • map_fields – The map of fields to pass into table's query.
  • map_parameters – The map of parameters to pass into table's query.
  • max_pages – The maximum number of pages, that table can be printed on.
  • max_records – The maximum number of records, that table can show.
  • name – The name of the control.
  • split_type – Specifies the region splitting at the end of the page after the control, if there is not enough space to fit this region completely. Possible values are: Default, Allow Split After, Prevent Split After. Default - determined by the region splitting flag and controls to the top. Allow Split After - region splitting allowed after this control. Prevent Split After - region can't be splitted after this control - it will be moved to the next page or splitted after another control to the bottom where splitting is allowed.
  • print – If ON then report engine prints the control. If OFF then the control will not be printed.
  • print_if – Set condition that specifies whether the control should be printed.
  • print_if_empty – If ON then control will be printed even if it contains no data.
  • query – Set the query of control.
  • remove_empty_line – If ON and table contains no data, then the vertical space, taken by table's control, will be removed.
  • show_grid – If ON then table lines will be shown.


  • position – Set the position of control.
  • size – Set the size of control.