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Report Editor - ToolBar - Data


This group is present on all tabs of the report toolbar. It allows you to switch between preview, scripts and editor modes.

Note, that you can use keyboard shortcuts ⌘+1, ⌘+2 and ⌘+3 to switch between Editor/Scripts/Preview modes respectively.


Here you can specify where from Valentina Studio will get data to build this report. This includes database and query executed against that database.

  • Datasource… – this button opens the “Select Data” dialog where you can select/change datasource and query for the current part of this report.


This group commands allow you to specify sorting of selected records in the report and group them by one or more fields.


You can click the button “Sorting…” to open the following “Sort By Fields” dialog. In this dialog you can specify field(s) from the report query to sort on and their order.

Internally, the report engine builds SQL of a kind:

SELECT * FROM (your_select_query_for_this_report) ORDER BY fields_you_sort.


This button opens for you dialog “Group By Fields” where you can specify field(s) from the report query, which should be used to split records into groups.

For each such field, you can set ON/OFF checkbox if to add “Group Header”/“Group Footer” regions to the report. When you close dialog, these regions will be added to report. These regions contain the field name, so you can easily identify them.

  • Group Header - this region will be printed before each group of records. Usually, you may want to put here the field on which records are grouped. For example, below you can see this region with field “Invoice Date”.
  • Group Footer - this region will be printed after each group of records.


Below is a simple report with Group Header.

This report in the PREVIEW mode: