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Report Editor - Toolbar - Preview


This group is present on all tabs of the report toolbar. It allows you to switch between preview, scripts and editor modes.

Note, that you can use keyboard shortcuts ⌘+1, ⌘+2 and ⌘+3 to switch between Editor/Scripts/Preview modes respectively.


Here you can find commands to print, export and view HTML output right in the default system browser.

  • Export – this buttons opens for you the menu with options PDF/Image/HTML/Postgscript/SVG. When you choose a format you will be asked for location for export file.
  • Browser – this button saves the current report into a temporary system location and opens it in the default browser, so you can check how it looks there. NOTE: If you're working in a server project and HTTP port is enabled, this port will be used instead without saving a report to a temporary location.
  • Print – this button opens the Print Dialog, where you can specify additional parameters for printing and then print your report on paper. NOTE: If you're working in a server project, this button has a submenu where you can choose to print to printer installed on the system where the Valentina Server is running.


This group contains few buttons that allow you change default settings of the report related to physical paper, such as:

  • Format - choose another format for preview. You can choose e.g. A5/A4/A3/…
  • Orientation - Allows to choose between portrait and landscape orientation of paper.
  • Margines - Allows to choose another margins for the report.
  • Zoom - Allows you to zoom the preview of the report. You can also use “CMD +” and “CMD -” keyboard shortcuts to change the zoom of the report preview.


This group allows you to navigate pages of the report preview using toolbar and mouse clicks.

You can navigate pages in other ways also, for example using scrollbar on the right side, or list of page thumbnails on the left side, or using PgDown/PgUp keys.