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Report Editor - ToolBar - View


This group is present on all tabs of the report toolbar. It allows you to switch between preview, scripts and editor modes.

Note, that you can use keyboard shortcuts ⌘+1, ⌘+2 and ⌘+3 to switch between Editor/Scripts/Preview modes respectively.


Here you can find commands to control grid of a report editor.

  • Show grid - allows to show/hide the grid.
  • Snap to grid - if ON then any move of an object will snap it to the the grid lines.
  • Size - this button opens dialog where you can define size of grid cells using any measurement units.


This group allows you to control some aspects of Report Editor (Designer).

  • Show guidelines – if ON then report editor show guidelines when you drag some control and it aligns to another one by some edge. This feature helps you to align objects.
  • Show rules - shows/hides rules around the report editor.
  • Show Z-order – if ON then show a small number on each control, which indicates the order of all controls on the report by Z-axis. The topmost control has the number 1. Each new control added to the report by dragging from the palette or made as duplicate becomes topmost with the number 1.