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Valentina Release 9.7.x Notes

Release 9.7.0

14 Nov 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Report Editor] - property 'column_layout' with options: { “horizontal”, “vertical” } added for COLUMNS and LABELS reports.
    • Prior to release 9.7 only “vertical” order was supported
    • Please review the Valentina Reports documentation for more details
  • [New][Schema Editor] - UPLOAD files to a Valentina Server
    • UPLOAD license file
    • UPLOAD ValentinaDB files
    • UPLOAD SQLite file
    • UPLOAD Valentina Project file
    • You can upload them through Valentina Server Admin in Valentina Studio through dialog or drag&drop
    • You can upload them via the contextual menu of “Valentina Server Connection”
    • You can drag files into the first column of Schema Editor
    • You can drag files to an active VSERVER CONNECTION on the left panel
    • You can drag even open local SQLite or Valentina DB from the first column of Schema Editor to an active VSERVER CONNECTION on the left panel
  • [New][Server Admin]
    • Tab-panel “Licenses”, displays all licenses located in the VServer/licenses directory
      • Licenses have different colors depending on their status, Expired, Time Remaining and so on.
  • [New][Project Editor] - Now you can edit a JavaScript file after a single click, instead just see its non-editable preview. This is similar to Xcode project behavior.
Double click still opens files in a separate window
  • [Imp][JS Script Editor] - adds a 'console' option to the auto-completion list
  • [Fix][MSSQL][Data Editor] Fixed sorting by NText/Text columns in the Data Editor.
  • [Fix][MSSQL]8622 - Error: “The next data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable”
  • [Fix]8633 - Auto-completion by ENTER button corrected.

Valentina Server

  • [New][VSQL]8674 - VServer poperty 'SERVERPATH' in the command 'GET PROPERTIES'.
  • [New][VSQL]8677 - “DROP PROJECT proj_name” command.
  • [Chg][VSQL]7338 - Now you can skip “USE MASTER;” command in 'CREATE/DROP/ALTER EVENT' commands.

Valentina Reports

  • [New] Report with columns can now fill columns in the “horizontal” order, additionally to original “vertical” order.
Horizontal Order Vertical Order

Valentina DB

  • [New][SQL] “REPAIR DATABASE”, “REPAIR TABLE table_name, …”, “REPAIR FIELD tbl_name.fld_name, …” commands
    • Currently it is able to fix 1 kind of corruption in a BLOB field
    • Speed of repair is now much faster than reindex or clone

Release 9.7.1

22 Nov 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix]8672 - Double click on error does not move text on the line with error.
  • [Fix]8685[Lin] - Dark theme can be chosen.

Valentina DB

  • [Fix] crash in the new REPAIR method on a Calculated Field of BLOB/TEXT type.

Release 9.7.2

2 Dec 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix][SQLDiff] Fixed showing the name of a changed function (readable parameter types), turned off word wrap for the result table.
  • [Fix][Data Transfer] tool now works for databases with schemas
  • [Fix][Data Editor] fixed not-scrolling horizontally checkbox to mark all records.
  • [Fix]8694[Mac] - Can't quit the application after switching to the fullscreen mode on macOS

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] Diagnose of Table now do 3 additional checks of data consistency.
  • [Fix] crash in Diagnose() - new rare case found.
  • [Fix]8692 - wrong result using “operator →”. New regression test added.

Release 9.7.3

13 Dec 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Mac] QT 5.13.1 now is used (it was QT 5.12.1)
    • This should bring few fixed bugs in QT, for example, fix of TAB-panels move.
  • [New][SQL Editor] Working with MySQL, can filter-out command “DELIMITER delim”.
  • [New][PostgreSQL] Added function category property (FUNCTION or PROCEDURE), fixed Generate SQL for procedures, supported creating procedures in Create Function Dialog
  • [New][PostgreSQL] Show readable function arguments in DROP confirmation dialog

Valentina for Xojo

  • [New] For ValentinaDB RBDB and SQLite RBDB API, added a new method of Xojo 2019 r2.1 - PreparedStatment.ExecuteSQL()
    • For older builds of Xojo, this method is not registered of course.

Release 9.7.4

20 Dec 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix][SQL Editor][MySQL] fixes in filtering out of DELIMITER commands.

Valentina DB

  • [Fix]8700 - crash in cast.
  • [Fix][SQL] for ULLONG field correct INSERT INTO … VALUES (some big value with last bit 1)
  • [Imp] REPAIR command