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Reasons to use Valentina Studio

This is NOT a complete Feature List, which can be found HERE.
This is NOT a strict documentation.
This is a collection of good reasons, written in free style, which can help developers to see the Valentina advantages.

Marketing Advantages

  • Valentina Studio is a perfect choice for any WEB developer because:
    • It works on 3 OS as Native Application (made in C++).
    • It supports for major databases and data related tasks - all under one roof.
      • it works with major open source databases: SQLite, mySQL, PostgreSQL
      • as well as with commercials databases: Valentina database, MS SQL soon.
    • FREE edition of Valentina Studio easy beats by features commercial applications in the price range 20-100$.
  • COMMERCIAL edition of Valentina Studio costs only 199$ for all supported databases.
  • Well, why only for WEB Developer? In fact, Valentina Studio is a perfect choice for any developer, who works with listed above databases.
  • One application instead of dozen for different tasks and databases.
    • Often you can meet many different small utility-kind applications, which can do only one or few tasks: diagrams only, import/export only, sql editor only, …

Schema Editor

  • Three (3) ways to work with database schema:
    • Tree View - the most common layout in Database Managers.
    • Diagram View - graphical way to see and develop your database schema.
    • Column View - idea from Mac OS X Finder.
  • Powerful Property Inspector for all properties of database schema objects. Easy change of some value usually hides some SQL command to database.

Data Editor

  • Feature rich data editor: browsing, sorting, search, favorite, different value type editors.
  • Related Data Editor - unique ability to see and manage records of related Table.

Report Editor

  • Simple but powerful user interface to start creating professional reports immediately.

SQL Editor

  • Integrated SQL templates, code completion, syntax highlighting, powerful functions browser - everything to write complex queries.

Server Admin


Query Editor (PRO only)


Data Transfer (PRO only)