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Reasons to use Valentina Server

This is NOT a complete Feature List, which can be found HERE.
This is NOT a strict documentation.
This is a collection of good reasons, written in free style, which can help developers to see the Valentina advantages.

Marketing Advantages

Valentina Server Works Everywhere

  • Valentina Server is available on all major operating systems: Linux (x86 and ARM 7), Mac OS and Windows.
  • Exists connectivity from many programming languages and IDEs: C, C++, Obj-C, .NET (C#, VB.NET, …), COM (VB6, …) PHP, Ruby, Xojo, Director, LiveCode, …

Easy Installation

  • We know how painful installation and setup of a DB Server can be. We ourselves have tried to install dozen of others. Sometimes it takes hours.
  • The installation of Valentina Server is as easy as few click.
    • After the installation VServer starts work immediately even without license file (free or commercial). Without license file it will provide 1-connection mode.
    • The only thing you should yet to know: start Valentina Studio and use sa/sa as login/password.

Valentina Server is Three Different Servers in One

Valentina Server incorporates several different servers using a plugin technology.

  • Valentina DB Server is an advanced database server built on the {columnar/ultra-fast/object-relational/SQL/no-SQL/API/Key-Value} Valentina Database
  • Valentina SQLite Server is a database server that incorporates the public domain SQLite database, making it easy to extend local SQLite database applications to client-server or server-only solutions
  • Valentina Report Server is a reports server based on Valentina Reports technology, that can pull data from different datasources, that generates reports as PDF, HTML or images, which in turn you can send by email, serve as a web page or perform other transformations

Valentina Reports Server can use a Valentina local DB, SQLite local db, Valentina DB Server, mySQL, postgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL and more as datasources.

Easy Administration

Mix the Best of Worlds

Many developers starting a new project face the problem what to choose:

  • SQL Database Server OR No-SQL Server?
    • NoSQL? Which one? Key-Value? Document-based? Else?
    • SQL? Relational data model OR Object-Relational?

With Valentina Server, you can work as with:

  • SQL DB Server:
    • standard relational model
    • extended object-relational model
  • non-SQL Server:
    • Reach API can be used without SQL to do job.
    • Key-Value. The same API allow to do this. Yet columnar format brings additional advantage.

Free and Evaluation Versions of Valentina Server

  • Non-profits and academic institutions can use a freely downloadable version of Valentina Server at no-cost
    • This version includes five connections of Valentina Reports Server
    • As far as we know, there is no any other free report server
  • All other institutions can use the freely downloadable version of Valentina Server for evaluation purposes
    • This version includes five connections of Valentina Reports Server
    • As far as we know, there is no any other free report server
  • Administer Valentina Server with the free Valentina Studio
  • VCLIENT part of Valentina ADK can be used at no additional cost allowing your applications to work with Valentina Server

So once again, you can use complete set of tools for FREE in your development:

  • VSERVER with 5 connects to manage DBs and REPORTs
  • VSTUDIO with standard and reach set of features to design databases and reports, and overview you data.
  • ADKs as VCLIENT to access VSERVER from your applications.

There are no hidden traps, time limits and other ugly things.

  • You will not be locked and forced to upgrade to paid versions.
  • Paid versions just provide more advanced features that usually are needed in complex professional solutions.
  • ADK is paid only for LOCAL use of embedded db/report engines.

Unified Usage of LOCAL DB and SERVER

  • Valentina Database is the only database (as well as we know), which provides both:
    • LOCAL single-user database engine, embeddable into your applications.
    • SERVER multi-user access to the same Valentina DB files. Can be connected from applications linked with VCLIENT library.
  • Many times we heard that developer wants to develop an application, which can work with some local database and with a multi-user SERVER.
    • For example, you can choose SQLite and mySQL/PostgreSQL. It is obvious that you will get problems because these databases have different set of features and SQL commands.
    • But if you choose Valentina, you can use same commands and same SQL for both LOCAL and SERVER databases. Only few lines of code will differ when you open/connect to a database.

Technology Advantages

Easy Move In/Out of Database/Reports

  • You can move an existing valentina database (.vdb) or valentina project (.vsp) under VSERVER as is, without need to dump it to SQL file and load dump later.

Powerful SQL Stored Procedures

Valentina SQL provides powerful and elegant SQL commands to develop Stored Procedures of different kinds. You can use:

SQL Dump/Load can do VServer

Popular DB servers cannot do this itself. You should use additional utilities for this task.

Scheduler, Backups

Valentina Server has Event Scheduler, which you can use to setup different jobs. For example do backup, or send some emails, or do optimization of database files.