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Valentina Kernel FAQ


Q: Is Valentina RAM-based? Can it open databases larger than the amount of RAM on my computer?

Q: Can you list the file formats supported by Valentina?

Q: How can I diagnose problems with Valentina databases?


Q: I have installed V4RB/V4MD/VNET/VCOM/... on my Windows, but Valentina DLLs are not recognised. What is the problem?

64 Bit

Q: Do I have to use different Valentina database files for 32 or 64 bit?


Q: I see Valentina.Init(5 * 1024 * 1024). What do those numbers mean?

Database Questions

Q: Can I have all in one db file?

Segment Size

Q: I created empty Valentina DB, but its size looks too big. Why?

Q: I want to have very small db with only few hundreds of records. Can I still force db to smaller initially?

Table Questions

Q: Is DropTable() faster than DeleteAllRecords()?

Field Questions

RecID Field

Q: How many disk space eats RecID field?

Q: Can I ignore RecID field if I want to use regular way of Relational Model with explicit Primary Key?

Q: What if I need ID which not reuse values?

Q: Can a record change its RecID during lifetime?

Q: Is there a way to 'turn off' Valentina re-using RecIDs for deleted rows?

Q: Why "SELECT * FROM T" does not show RecID field?

ObjectPtr Field

Q: What happens if I pass a nil reference for the Target parameter to Table.CreateObjectPtrField()?

Q: I have database with Relational way (i.e. PK-FK). How can I convert FK-links into ObjectPtr-link ?

BLOB Field

Q: fld.SetBlank() vs fld.put_IsNULL() vs blob.DeleteData()?

Index Questions

Q: Can I trash .ind file to make database reindex everything?

Q: How to reindex a database if I use that database in the mode when there is no separate .ind file?

Q: Changes to database collation strength do not affect the query result.

Q: Why Boolean field in Valentina DB always indexed?

Index By Words

Q: Why is it not possible to sort records for fields which have the property "indexed by words" enabled?

Q: But if I need to have both an index by words and sorting, what can I do?

Hash Index

Q: Why numeric fields cannot have Hash Index?