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Valentina Studio PRO Features

Valentina Studio PRO edition ADDs the following major features to Free Valentina Studio:

Valentina Project

Valentina Project allows you to develop Forms with JavaScript, and Reports.


  • Schema Editor
    • Drag and Drop of Objects - provide a simple visual mechanism that users can use to copy the schema objects within one database or even between different databases.
    • Schema Cache
    • Sub-Tree Expand/Collapse
    • Object Colors - allows you to mark the object with the specific color. Selected color will be presented as the background of this item in the object lists and used to draw tabs where this object is opened.


  • Create Dump Wizard
    • FILTER for the list of database items
  • Import Wizard
    • Ability to save the mapping between CSV columns and table fields in an external file and load it later.
  • Schema Snapshot - allows you to save database schema in a structured format using the Schema Snapshot tool.
  • Source Control - provides an ability for database development using any VCS.
  • SQL Search - allows you to find database objects on a server or in local storage very quickly. Objects can be located either by name or by property value, according to the filter and selected matching pattern.