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Valentina Studio Features

Valentina Studio is your universal database tool. The features listed here are available in the Free version of Valentina Studio and are available for all supported databases.

Architecture and Design

  • Plugin Architecture - Valentina Studio is designed for flexible extensibility with a plugin architecture. Each plugin adds its own functionality and can be enabled/disabled at any time using the Plugin Manager.
  • Workspaces - provide you “isolated room” for your different jobs (new in v12).
  • Main Windows - you can have multiple main windows to better organize your work.
  • TAB Windows - Each main window in Valentina Studio supports multiple tabs. You execute commands and actions through tabs such as changing their order by drag&drop, closing one or more at a time, and so on.
  • Dockable Views - Valentina Studio windows are dockable. They can float, or stick into any location of the main window.
  • Toolbars - You can modify the Valentina Studio toolbar to create the best configuration for your needs.
  • Prompt Tooltips - Valentina Studio tends to show a tooltip in any place, where some string does not fit the visible space completely. This saves your time avoiding scrolling to read strings.
  • Information Tooltips - often Valentina Studio is able to show for objects a tooltip that has additional information, not visible from this place. This saves your time allowing you not to switch to other views.
  • Contextual Menus - Most user interface objects use the contextual menu to see actions that this object is able to do now.
  • Inspector Window - allows you to see and change the parameters of a selected object. Inspector mostly is used in the Schema Editor, but also it can be used with Data Editor to display picture previews and link diagrams.

Database Plugins

Valentina Studio implements database support through a set of database plugins. Read about each database plugin available for specific features for that database.


  • Schema Snapshot [pro] - allows you to save database schema in a structured format using the Schema Snapshot tool.
  • Source Control [pro] - provides an ability for database development using any VCS.
  • SQL Search [pro] - allows you to find database objects on a server or in local storage very quickly. Objects can be located either by name or by property value, according to the filter and selected matching pattern.
  • Create Dump Wizard
    • FILTER for the list of database items [pro]


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