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SQL Editor - Placeholders

[New in v12.5]


Placeholder is an advanced feature of SQL Editor, which is used in code snippets and smart suggestions of auto-complete mainly. In both cases, some prepared text is inserted into the editor and it may contain a placeholder, which works as a prompt for you to explain what should be typed here, for example: <tblName>.

You can see placeholders in such scenarios:

  • auto-complete menu:
  • insert code snippets
  • insert command templates
  • generate SQL.

Keyboard Commands

On the insert of text with a placeholder(s), the first placeholder is selected.

You can use TAB to jump to the next placeholder in text and Shift-TAB to the previous. Notice that there is no circle here. When you are on the last placeholder the TAB will not move you to the first.

If text caret is located on some line in the text and a placeholder presents forwards on the same line, then TAB will jump to that placeholder.

While a placeholder is selected, just start typing something and this will replace it. Also possible to press RETURN/ENTER to insert the text of the placeholder as is in most cases. For a function parameter with a default value, this value will be inserted. Example: 'func( x, y = 5 )' ⇒ 'func( x, 5 )'.

Placeholders in Own Code Snippets

When you create your own code snippet, you can create your own placeholders. For this surround text by format symbols <#placeholder#>.