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SQL Editor - Smart Suggestions

All Fields

This list is shown in the auto-complete menu when

  1. SQL Analyzer recognizes a SELECT command
  2. and SELECT expression has only the first item typed
  3. FROM clause has the name of a Table.

If you choose this item then the list of all fields of the table mentioned in the FROM clause is inserted into SQL Editor.

The same works for the INSERT command.

Notice, that you can start typing any character to see this list on the menu. A good tip is to use '*', then you will not see other identifiers in the menu.

VALUES Binding

For the INSERT command in the VALUES clause, a developer may want to use a list of bind-value. If the command has many fields then typing such a list is an annoying enough task.

Autocomplete will be able to help with this. Type any character when you are inside of the parenthesis of VALUE to see that list on the menu.

You can copy-paste such a query into your code in some programming language.

Also, you can test this query with some values in Valentina Studio. For this enter values in the right-side panel Parameters.