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SQL Editor Help

The Valentina SQL Editor is one of several tabbed tools in Valentina Studio, allowing you to have multiple, open SQL Editor tabs that in turn allow you to copy-paste between open scripts.


The Valentina Studio SQL Editor provides many features that make it easier for you to write and manage your SQL code. You can write, edit and execute scripts containing multiple SQL queries, and see the results of queries. You can expand and collapse different blocks of SQL code by using outlining. You can insert blocks of code with code snippets. You can search and replace text. You can easily access other information about queries (errors, warnings, timings, …) in order to optimize and improve your code, etc.

Valentina Studio tools execute queries that share database/connections one after the next. If tools (or their tabs) do not share database/connections, then queries can execute at the same time.

How to Open SQL Editor

You can start working with the Valentina Studio SQL Editor in several ways:

  • From the toolbar, click the “SQL Editor” button
  • From the Schema Editor:
    • double click a database
    • in the contextual menu of a database select “Open SQL Editor”
    • in the contextual menu of a connection select “Open SQL Editor”. This opens SQL Editor for a remote DB Server without an active database. You can execute server-oriented SQL commands or you should call the 'USE DATABASE' command to set up the active database.

You can open as many SQL Editors as you want.

Use SQL Editor

Editing SQL

Executing SQL

  • Unsafe Commands. New in PRO v10.5.
  • Parameters. Describes the 'Parameters Panel' to work with SQL binding parameters in a query. (PRO ONLY)

Working with Results

  • Results. Describes the Results panel: query results, exporting, editing, and more.
  • Console. Describes the SQL Console, including Logs, Output, Tunes, and Warnings of queries.

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