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Valentina Studio Manual

Welcome to Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio is a powerful, flexible and free tool for data management that is available on Linux, Windows and macOS. You can get started right now using Valentina Studio by downloading and registering for a free license. Many rely on Valentina Studio for their database management tasks, whereas others benefit from the additional, advanced tools available in Valentina Studio Pro.

Database Management Short Feature List

Valentina Studio is able to work with databases located in your local file system and with remote databases located on Valentina Server. Using a highly graphical way of working, Valentina Studio Admin makes it simple to create the necessary database structure for your project. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Quickly and easily create tables and create fields in your database
  • Import ODBC data from and ODBC source
  • Import data from SQL dumps, text and XML files
  • Export data into SQL dumps, text and XML files
  • Add, edit and delete records in your database
  • Browse through your existing database data
  • Browser pictures in few ways on your choice
  • Do searches and sorting in a Table without SQL
  • Execute Valentina SQL queries against your database
  • Build SQL queries using Query Builder with help of graphical diagrams
  • Open and manage multiple databases locally or hosted on a remote server
  • Administrate a Valentina Server
  • Register SQLite and ValentinaDB databases on Valentina Server without restarting

For a tour of the main windows in Valentina Studio, please see the Valentina Studio Help section.

Getting Started

Setting Up Valentina Studio

See Also

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