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Valentina Release 10.3.x Notes

These release notes describe the changes in Paradigma Software Valentina products beginning with Release 10.3 and through the 10.3 life cycle that ended May 20, 2020.

These release notes are organized by individual release and product. They are updated periodically as new information becomes available within a specific release as well as before or after a specific release. To ensure that you are reading the latest version of the release notes, visit the top page of the Valentina Release History. You should always consult the latest release notes prior to installing a new version. Some products have technologies shared by others, and you can assume that a technology listed under one product will likely be rolled into products that use that technology.

Release 10.3.0


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Win] Switch from Qt 5.10.1 to 5.14.2
    • New version of Qt contains some bug fixes and improved support of HiDPI displays.
  • [Imp][Win] Enabled Windows Vista appearance style. Note, you can switch the style in the Preferences:

  • [Fix][Server Admin] Fixes for parsing MySQL slow logs, added support for reading slow logs produced by the latest MySQL and MariaDB server versions.

Valentina Reports

  • [New] HTML rendering engine is used, which improves rendering of HTML a lot. The most HTML/CSS features are supported now. Among them: text formatting, tables, floating elements, absolute positioning, anchors, embedded styles, CSS classes, most CSS selectors, etc.
    • Note, when printing a report to PDF, Postscript, or directly to a printer, rendered HTML is vectorized. Therefore, TEXT is scalable and selectable in produced files, also it can be printed with the maximum printer resolution.
  • [New] supports CSS.
    • CSS definition can be embedded into HTML
    • HTML can refer to an external CSS file on the web or on the local disk.

  • [New] Support for SVG images in the Picture control
    • When printing to vector formats (PDF, Postscript, SVG) SVG images are embedded in the document in vector form perfect for zooming and printing.
    • Printing to the printer with maximum printer resolution.
    • SVG images can be stored in the report, database, external file, or even auto-generated.