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Valentina Release 12.1.x Notes

Release 12.1.0



  • [New] Introduces ARM64 compiled for Linux.
    • Includes such products: VServer, VSDK, VPython, VJava, VPHP, VRuby.

Valentina Server

  • [New] Folder to keep SSH keys. Read More ...
    • SystemSSHkeySFolder = SSH_Keys

Valentina Studio

  • [New][SQL Editor]9063 Use Ctrl + 0 to reset zoom level of font.
  • [New][Server Admin] for ValentinaDB adds a new 'Server State' TAB-panel to see in LIVE mode tasks inside a Valentina Server.
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] Static analyzer now better works with [Schema.]Table for databases, which support Schema Names.

Release 12.1.1


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Report Editor] Working with remote Valentina Report Server, to display a Report Preview with datasources connected via SSH with key authentication, Valentina Studio needs to send SSH keys to VServer.
    • Now VStudio is able to do this.
    • You need to use VServer of 12.1.1+ version also.
  • [Fix] Sorting of snippets, bookmarks. Was broken in 12.1.0
  • [Fix][MySQL] showing the charset list in Create Database dialog.

Valentina Server

  • [New][Reports] Ability to accept automatically SSH private keys from Valentina Studio to build a Report Preview with datasources connected via SSH with key authentication. The keys are saved in the folder specified in SystemSSHkeysFolder option of the INI file.