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Valentina Release 12.4.x Notes

Release 12.4.0


Valentina Studio

  • [Chg][SQL Editor] - Now 'tblAlias.FldName' items in the auto-complete menu can be used in a FREE Valentina Studio.
  • [New][SQL Editor][Pro] - New smart suggestions in the auto-complete menu for the UPDATE command when you typed 'SET'.

  • [Imp][SQL Editor] - More suggestions in the auto-complete menu for the INSERT command.
  • [Fix]9094 - Adding a new record does not consider an Unsigned toggle on a field in MySQL table.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp][BLOB] - Re-write some algorithms for BLOB fields that can improve the speed of INSERT/UPDATE operations from 5 to even 100 times.
    • The bigger BLOB values - the bigger difference you may see
    • Especially for compressed BLOB values.
    • This changes only algorithms, no changes in format.
  • [ANN] - in the next major release 12.5, we will do one more step to improve BLOBs with a change to the format.
    • This step will improve the speed of BLOBs even more in the same magnitude.

Release 12.4.3

2022-06-24 - Valentina Studio only

  • few fixes to improve stability

Release 12.4.4

2022-07-03 - Valentina Studio only

  • [New][SQL Editor][PostgreSQL]9053 - Typing $$ adds another pair $$, to support dollar-quoted-literals of PostgreSQL.
  • [Imp][SQL Editor][PostgreSQL] - AutoComplete now respects dollar-quoted-literals.
  • [Imp][FORM EDITOR] - Allow to use numbers to modify QLineEdit.text property
  • few fixes to improve stability