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Valentina Release 12.6.x Notes

Release 12.6.0


Valentina Studio 12.6 is the rest of the updates originally planned for version 12.5.10. The delay was the result of aftereffects in Kherson of the occupation by Russian forces.

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix][Reports] - Remove useless whitespace on wrapping a text.
  • [Fix]9152[Reports] - Fix wrapping of long text without punctuation and spaces.
  • [Fix]9154[Reports] - Rename property 'lines_interval' to 'leading'.
  • [Fix]9151 - Design Table window does not display field names sometimes.
  • [Fix]9157[VCLIENT PLUGIN] - Incorrect/different date separators in SHOW EVENTS.
  • [Fix] - hopefully, crash around TreeItem::DeleteChildren, mostly for Linux.

Valentina DB

  • [Fix]9144 - Error message “Dynamic SQL error” when flushing.
  • [Fix]9155 - Invalid text of view in 'SHOW TABLES'.
  • [Fix]9158 - Make YYYY-MM-DD date format suitable regardless of the current DTFormat

Valentina Server

  • [New]3761 - add new setting in ini file – SPLITLOGFILE

Valentina Client

(affects all ADKs and VStudio when used as VClient to VServer)

  • [Imp] - Fix error message for throwing error from vClient without connection.
  • [Fix]8421 - VException 626688 “Unknown”

Release 12.6.1


Valentina Studio

  • [Imp] - SQLite updated to 3.40.0
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] - 'Cancel' button for SQLite and MongoDB.
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] - Show 'Cancel' button only after one second (to avoid flickering on executing fast queries)
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] - Highlight syntax in multiline dollar-string literals.
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] - 'Escape' key now closes the console (if shown)
  • [Fix]5104 - Restore columns width on add/delete fields.
  • [Fix]5293 - Apply field's custom color on show column in DataEditor.
  • [Fix]5909 - Need the ability to close editors with text field by keyboard shortcut - allow to use Ctrl-Enter to close dialogs.
  • [Fix]8174 - Window tabs cannot be torn off/float.
  • [Fix]8808 - Can't clone library.
  • [Fix]8245 - Indexes on function do not show up in the Table Indexes section with SQLite files.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] - Improve Posix error messages.
  • [Fix]7798 - Creating a Boolean column ignores the default value.
  • [Fix]8992 - Diagnose always throws exceptions for hash indexes.
  • [Fix]9159 - The last statement may not be finished with a semicolon.

Valentina for PHP

  • [Imp] - support PHP 8.2 on macOS.

Release 12.6.2


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Schema Editor] - Properties and other data are fetched in a separate thread(s).
    • This improves the responsiveness of GUI while you e.g. iterate Tables of remote DB Server.
    • In the status bar you can see for a short time the progress bar showing the execution of the task “Fetch properties of 'table'”:

  • [Fix]9164[SQL Editor][Mac] - Trackpad was not very responsive with option 'Wrap text' enabled.
  • [Fix][Forms] - Fix saving the current splitter position/current pane for forms.
  • [Fix][Query Editor] - Fix showing field names of a PostgreSQL view.