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Valentina Release 2.5.2 Notes

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 2.5.2, a free upgrade to users of Valentina 2.x database technology.

Valentina Release 2.5.2 adds modest feature improvements and issues based on feedback by users.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

New Features

Valentina ADKs (including Valentina Developer Network) introduced new time and * date features.

Valentina Kernel 2.5.2

  • 0002105: [Table Joins] Improved join algorithm for BinaryLinks of M:M (many to many) relations.

Improvements and Fixes

These user requests and fixes were corrected in this release.

Valentina Database Kernel 2.5.2

Issues addressed across the entire product line

  • 0002052: [API] A rare database file corruption problem corrected.
  • 0002028: [SQL Nodes] A crash when applying some foreign keys corrected.

Valentina Database Client 2.5.2

  • 0002095: [API] VC_Connection::Open() sometimes crashed trying to display an Error Message when an incorrect PWD/User is used.

Valentina Studio 2.5.2

  • 0002073: [VServer connection] Length property of the strings fields not set in the Property inspector - corrected.
  • 0002076: [VServer connection] Renaming a field while connected to a Server would sometimes result in a crash - corrected.
  • 0002072: [VServer connection] Index by Words property of the string field is not set in the Property inspector - corrected.
  • 0002090: [Application Menu] “Open remote database” and “Connect to..” menu items would launch the wrong dialog - corrected.
  • 0002071: [VServer connection] Nullable Property of field is not set in the Property inspector - corrected.
  • 0002085: [Application Menu] Schema Editor or Schema Browser
  • 0002083: [VServer connection] Encrypted databases do not show names and rarely will not decrypt - corrected.
  • 0002061: [Application Menu] Creating unique field issue - corrected.
  • 0002082: [VServer connection] close connection on close database - corrected.
  • 0002080: [VServer connection] Open VolumeBrouser sometimes would crash VStudio - corrected.
  • 0002079: [VServer connection] Closing connection after press “cancel” on open db dialog - corrected.
  • 0002077: [Application Menu] column not updated after rename link - corrected.
  • 0002078: [Application Menu] Do not show created in ram table - corrected.
  • 0002064: [SQL] Crash in SQL Editor when pressing “execute” or “execute in new tab” button when “edit field” is empty - corrected.
  • 0002067: [Application Menu] Open local database when connected to server opens empty listbox - corrected.
  • 0002070: [VServer connection] Method text does not display in the Property Inspector - corrected.
  • 0002074: [VServer connection] Crash on attempting to delete some links - corrected.
  • 0002068: [Application Menu] On remote db the “Show on disk” command in Popup menu open My Computer in Explorer - corrected.
  • 0002057: [Property Inspector] Now the field for display of the text of a method became larger - corrected.
  • 0002024: [Schema Browser] Property Inspector shows data for wrong field - corrected.
  • 0001523: [Other] All Users in Server Monitor Appear as Admin - corrected.
  • 0001974: [Script Editor] Ctrl+Insert - corrected.
  • 0002023: [Schema Browser] Selected field is de-selected when property is changed - corrected.
  • 0002025: [Schema Browser] Name field in Property Inspector is too short - corrected.
  • 0002039: [Data Browser Related] Attempt to connect to server without using password results in a crash - corrected.
  • 0002026: [Schema Browser] Server:Unregister Database asks for keyboard input of database name, rather than inferring selected database - corrected.