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Valentina Release 2.5.3 Notes

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 2.5.3, a free upgrade to users of Valentina 2.x database technology.

Valentina Release 2.5.3 adds modest feature improvements and issues based on feedback by users.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

New Features

Valentina ADKs (including Valentina Developer Network) introduced new time and * date features.

Valentina Studio 2.5.3

  • 0001990: ODBC_Valentina SAVE SCHEMA + LOAD SCHEMA added to Import Wizard.

Valentina for REALbasic 2.5.3

  • ListBox can now issue commands to V4RB_CursorControls.

Valentina for Director 2.5.3

  • 0002118: [Docs] Add description of first parameter at the AddRecord(),UpdateRecord() and UpdateAllRecords().

Valentina PHP 2.5.3

  • 0002140: [API] val_query() function now has additional parameters to control cursor behavior ServerSide, ..
  • On MacOS X, natively works with PHP 4.x included with MacOS X and PHP 5.2 as available on entropy.ch.

Improvements and Fixes

These user requests and fixes were corrected in this release.

Valentina Database Kernel 2.5.2

Issues addressed across the entire product line

  • 0001922: [SQL Parser] Embedded SELECT statements were not grouping correctly. Corrected.
  • 0001618: [API] Unicode char searches and indexes fixed.
  • 0002096: [API] Left(method) index issue fixed.
  • 0002114: [API] Can't order by tmp field fixed.

Valentina for Director 2.5.3

  • 0002115: [API] VField.FindRangeAsArraySet && VField.Find_FindValueAsArraySet always return NULL. Corrected.
  • 0002111: [Encryption] Decrypt table. Corrected.
  • 0002125: [API] VCursor.RecordAsPropList and VCursor.RecordsAsPropList return NULL value instead of VOID. Corrected.

* 0001849: [Fields] NULL values should return void to Director. Corrected.

Valentina for REALbasic 2.5.3

  • 0002029: [Database] Sample application may crash at attempt to load database from XML if using a custom system date.

Valentina Studio 2.5.3

  • 0002062: [VServer connection] Improve responses to requests of table names
  • 0002063: [VServer connection] Improve responses to requests of RequiresEncryptionKey to the Valentina Server
  • 0002099: [Data Browser] Does not always save text in the Extended edit for BLOBs. Corrected.
  • 0002101: [Data Browser] Can't add text data to the BLOB. Corrected.
  • 0002100: [Data Browser] In the “Extended Edit” window for BLOB field cannot load ANY file except *.txt. Corrected.
  • 0002081: [VServer connection] Crash occures in DataEditor after adding some filters. Corrected.
  • 0002086: [SQL Builder] Execute in SQL Builder has some instability. Corrected.

Valentina PHP 2.5.3

  • 0002141: [API] valentina_fetch_hash() fixed.