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Valentina Release 2.5.4 Notes

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 2.5.4, a free upgrade to users of Valentina 2.x database technology.

Valentina Release 2.5.4 adds modest feature improvements and issues based on feedback by users.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

New Features

Release 2.5.4 is primarily a release that improves reliability issues in Valentina 2.5.x.

Valentina Clients 2.5.4

  • 0002128: [Cursor Client-Side] VCursor→get_EOF() implemented in Valentina Office Server and Valentina Embedded Server.

Valentina ODBC 2.5.4

  • 0002107: [Fields] Added support for Binary, Varbinary, BLOB, Picture fields.

Valentina Studio 2.5.4

  • 0002168: [Property Inspector] NEW property inspector.

Improvements and Fixes

These user requests and fixes were corrected in this release.

Valentina Database Kernel 2.5.4

Fixes that are implemented in the database kernel appear in all ADKs, VDN and Valentina Office Server.

  • 0002152: [API] After change type of field pEncryptable→CanBeEncrypted(); crashes kernel. Fixed.
  • 0002137: [SQL Nodes] Error when applying FK. Fixed.
  • 0002163: [SQL] Table was created with error in the syntax. Fixed.
  • 0002094: [SQL Parser] Field aliases and quotes. Fixed.
  • 0002155: [Installation] Location of program folder on Windows effects indexing of database. Fixed.
  • 0002156: [SQL] LIKE searches not respecting collation attribute. Fixed.

Valentina Database Clients 2.5.4

Fixes that are implemented in this category affect all client plugins - available in all ADKs and VDN, as well as scripting clients (PHP, Ruby).

  • 0002167: [Cursor Client-Side] On PrevRecord_ODBC have crash when before it cursor was set on first record. Fixed.. Fixed.
  • 0002166: [Tests] NEW TEST: Create BLOB from SQL without default segment size in result show “0”. Fixed.
  • 0002158: [SQL] There are not working methods for fields in VClient's Cursor (result of SELECT). Fixed.
  • 0002129: [Client-Side Cache] After VCursor→NextRecord_ODBC() cursor position will stay on the previous record. Fixed.. Fixed.

Valentina Office Server and Embedded Server 2.5.4

Fixes that are implemented specifically in Valentina Servers.

  • 0002131: [API] Wrong error code generated when trying to create a database that already exists on server. Fixed.
  • 0002165: [SQL] After creating BLOB fields without setting the segment size in SQL, the current segment size is shown as 0. Fixed.
  • 0002160: [Encryption] Error 394509 | SSL-Connection, V4RB VCursor. Fixed.
  • 0002146: [Performance] Was not converting strings for Verbose dump if it is OFF. Fixed.

Valentina ODBC 2.5.4

  • 0002097: [API] Could not retrieve a list of tables in Microsoft Excel. Fixed.
  • 0002106: [API] Wrong driver would respond in Microsoft Excel. Fixed.
  • 0002144: [API] Accessing Microsoft Access directly or in a client-server mode did not work. Fixed.
  • 0002143: [Fields] Date fields were not working correctly in Microsoft Access. Fixed.
  • 0002142: [Fields] Some BLOB fields would cause Microsoft Access to crash. Fixed.

Valentina for Runtime Revolution 2.5.4

  • 0002149: [Database] Runtime Revolution could crash after Vdatabase_Clone. Fixed.

Valentina Studio 2.5.4

  • 0002109: [Schema Browser] Displaying the size of database element column breaks after resizing the column. Fixed.