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Valentina Release 2.5.7 Notes

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 2.5.7, a free upgrade to users of Valentina 2.x database technology.

Valentina Release 2.5.7 adds modest feature improvements and issues based on feedback by users and new versions of Valentina.

The number listed is the feedback number found in our feedback system.

Improvements and Fixes

These user requests and fixes were corrected in this release.

Valentina Database Kernel 2.5.7

  • 0002205: [SQL] Using CONCAT with Field names could crash Valentina Server. fixed.

Valentina for REALbasic 2.5.7

  • 0002225: [Error codes/classes] Applications may terminate in the course of handling exceptions.
  • 0002216: [Conversion] Issues when converting databases with long names specifically from version 1.11 to 2.5.7.fixed.
  • 0001993: [Conversion] Convert_1_2() with long file names. fixed.

Valentina for Revolution 2.5.7

  • 0002215: [Conversion] Convert_1_2() now have 2 additional encryption parameters. Improved.

Valentina Studio 2.5.7

  • 0001968: [Import/Export] Export results of SQL Query to text file. Improved.
  • 0002234: [VServer connection] Bonjour services on MacOS X runs in background. Fixed.
  • 0002104: [Property Inspector] Reporting time separator on Server in property inspector. Improved.
  • 0002220: [Application Menu] Connecting to an Embedded Valentina Server through the application menu. Fixed.