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Valentina Release 4.2 Notes

New Products

Valentina for iPhone (iV4CC)

With 4.2 release we make Valentina for iPhone (iV4CC), which currently is VClient only, totally free for download and free for use. Of course you should have a license of a Valentina Server.

Note, that now you can easy download iV4CC and VServer Office archive with DEMO license, develop and test application on both Simulator and iPhone Device.

Valentina PHP - PDO Driver

Now archive of VPHP contains PDO driver.

Valentina ODBC MAC

Now you can use Valentina ODBC driver on MAC OS X to open access to data stored in the Valentina db files.

Valentina for Director Shockwave

We have repair V4MD Shockwave archives for Director 10/11 Windows, and Director 11 for MAC OS X, because last weeks we have start get many requests on this. Now you can again develop Shockwave movies that access a remote Valentina Server.

New Features and Improvements


  • [NEW][SQL] FORMAT( value [,pattern] [,format_type] [,locale] ) function.
  • [NEW] Memory Pool. This feature did allow us improve overall speed of kernel about 20%. This improvement currently enabled for Valentina ADKs, but not yet for Valentina Server.

Valentina Reports

  • [NEW] Inspector now allows formatting of output for report fields.
  • [NEW] Control Page Break
  • [NEW] Conditional Formatting of report elements
  • [NEW] “Keep Together” option for group header.
  • [NEW] Copy Style feature
  • [NEW] ORDER of overleaped report elements, Front/Back.
  • [Imp] Toolbar of Report Editor now have sub-groups of buttons.
  • Speed of report preview improved
  • Speed of report generation improved
  • Speed of report editor improved

Valentina PHP

  • [Imp] Now works with MAMP - popular, easy for use bundle of Apache, PHP, mySQL.



In 4.2 release we did some job to add own memory pool. Since Valentina engine is implemented as few DLLs, it is critical that memory pool of Valentina engine do not conflict with system (or other) memory pool other DLLs in your application and to executable itself. The most simple way for now is to include FBL_new.cpp into your app project.