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Valentina Release 4.7 Notes

Valentina Kernel

  • [New] [SQL] LINK link_name;
  • [New] [SQL Explain] Explain now prints time of DISTINCT clause.
  • [New] [SQL Explain] Explain now prints time of RECORD LOCKS.
  • [New] [SQL Explain] Explain now prints ORDER BY time.
  • [New] [Properties] Global property LogFilesLocation. On Default “vlogs”.
  • [Imp][SQL Explain] EXPLAIN now prints info about materialization of VIEWs and SubQueries.
  • [Fix] [SQL] slow order by on views with not all fields required
  • [Fix] [Join of Tables] Wrong expression result on self-join
  • [Fix] [SQL Parser] Memory Leak
  • [Fix] [Docs] Example please for check constraint
  • [Fix] [SQL] ALTER TABLE xxx MODIFY …. OBJECTPTR sets value of ObjectPtrfield to 0

Valentina Client

  • [Imp][API] vClient API becomes threading-safe

Valentina Reports

  • [Other] Change format for stored reports
  • [Other] Break dependency from wxWidgets !!!
  • [Other] Replace all wxWidgets classes to own
  • [Other] Replace wxHTML to another engine
  • [Other] Replace libGD to own implementation
  • [EXPORT - PDF] Exporting a report to a pdf file make vstudio crash and there is no pdf file generated

Valentina Server

  • [New] [Log Files] VServer and any other App now on default (can) keep ALL log files in the VServer/vlogs folder
  • [NEW] [SQL] vServer property - LOGFILESLOCATION
  • [NEW] [ini-file] Logging parameter about path to the log file
  • [Imp] [Log Files] All logs should be named with the same time stamp

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix] [Database] Can not convert 2.5 database to the current (2.6) format
  • [Fix] [Dialogs] Button “Create & Go To Fields” doesn't work in Create Table dialog
  • [Fix] [SQL Editor] VStudio crashes silently after a Kernel error: 0x60508. Stream EOF reached.