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Valentina Release 5.1 Notes

IF you upgrade from 4.x, please make sure that you have read also Valentina Release 5.0 Notes

Detailed list of fixes and improvements you can find in Mantis. Make sure you select required project in the top-right menu.

Valentina Kernel

  • [New] SQL command 'MAIL FROM TO SUBJECT …'

Valentina Studio

  • [Chg] Free version of Valentina Studio now is able to save diagrams and even do reverse-engineering. Valentina Studio PRO adds forward-engineering.
  • [Chg] Import dialog now do not contains “ODBC Import”, because it is extracted and made as part of new feature “Data Transfer”.
  • [New] “Data Transfer” tool, that allow copy RECORDS of few/all tables of db1 into corresponded tables of db2.
  • [New] SSH support in connections to remote DB servers such as Valentina, mySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • [New] SSH parameters in datasource of Valentina Reports
  • [Fix] Problems on work with ODBC driver of Pervasive database.
  • [Fix] SQLite - create/alter of date/time field types.

Valentina Server

  • [Imp][Mac] Preference pane “Valentina Servers” now is able recognize case, when licenses folder is empty and then show warning to user with explain where to get free license. Besides, the “Start” button will not even try to start VServer in this case.