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Valentina Release 5.5 Notes

  • [NEW] - Valentina for Java ADK. (beta)
  • [NEW] - Valentina for C ADK. (beta)


Valentina Reports

  • [New] MS SQL now can be used as Datasource of Valentina Reports. Works on 3 OS.
  • [Imp] Valentina Report engine improved A LOTS in 5.5. Many tasks was re-written with the help of new algorithms. Right now Valentina Reports can do complex layouts with sub-reports, which you will not find in other report engines.

Valentina Server

  • SIMPLIFIED installation and start for beginners, because now Valentina Server will start with 1 connection allowed, even if there is no any valid license file.

Valentina Studio

Connect Dialog

  • [New] Ability to connect to mySQL/PostgreSQL by a socket.file

Server Admin

  • [New] Ability to view log files of mySQL
  • [New] Ability to view log files of postgreSQL

Schema Editor

  • [New] - for Valentina Server connection you can see now Projects. This simplifies a lots register/unregister of a project.

Valentina Kernel

  • [New] 'SELECT … FOR JSON' extension. First step to support JSON in Valentina DB.
  • [Imp] We have relax grammar of VSQL, so now it is possible to have 'ORDER BY' and 'LIMIT' clauses in the subqueries, although SQL Standard do not allow this. This was made, first of all for Valentina Reports.