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Valentina Release 5.5.2 Notes

New Product

  • Valentina for Java - we are happy to introduce a new Valentina ADK. This ADK opens doors for Java developers to use:
    • Valentina DB Local Engine to open local Valentina DB files and work with it using SQL and/or API from a Java Application.
    • Valentina Report Local Engine to open local Valentina Project .vsp file and produce reports directly from a Java Application.
    • Valentina Client to connect to a Valentina DB/Report Server from a Java Application.

New Videos


  • Updated PDF files for V4RB, V4REV, VNET, VCOM. Mainly updated VProject.MakeNewReport() methods to have a new optional parameter bind array.
  • Added section in wiki for Valentina for Java ADK product.

Valentina Kernel

  • [Fix] - Autoincrement on MEDIUM type did not work.
  • [Fix] - MySQL connection via socket file for linux and mac.
  • [Fix][6694] - SQL dump of a single table improved to have SET PROPERTY date time on the start of dump.
  • [Fix][6701] - Diagnose of volume did ignore closed embedded files.
  • [Fix][6702] - Reindex now affects special part of index, which could be ignored before.
  • [Fix][6709] - ValentinaInitClient is not thread safe.
  • [Fix][6652] - Using 'OR' or 'IN' operator ignores Collation on field.
  • [Fix][6118] - INSERT INTO … SELECT FROM … crashes, when compound index is created on the table

Valentina Reports

  • Added support of mySQL and postgreSQL datasources via socket file.

Valentina Reports ADKs

  • Added bind array parameter to VProject.MakeNewReport() in all Valentina ADKs.