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Valentina Release 5.5.8 Notes

Valentina Kernel

  • [New] - 6831: SQL function RAND_REGEXP( pattern, [index] ) to generate random string result following regex pattern.
  • [Imp] - Improved performance of Valentina engine on Windows, thanks to reduce of the number of calls system function FlushToDisk. On Windows, this function is incredible slow. Linear to the number of calls, even if nothing to save to disk. Speed up can be up to x10 for some cases.

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix] - 6840: [ODBC] Errors on connection to databases which support schemas.
  • [Fix] - 6841: UTF8 strings look corrupted in data editor even though table charset is set to utf8.

Valentina for Xojo/REALbasic

  • [Imp] - 5464: Do Diagnose and Reindex in background

Valentina for Director

  • [Fix] - Work with picture as Image, which was broken some time ago for Mac.