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Valentina Release 5.6 Notes

Valentina Kernel

  • [NEW] Hash Indexes
    • [API] New flag fIndexHashed
    • [API] New Index property isHahed
    • [SQL] Extension of column_constraint clause. Added HASH.
    • [SQL] Extension of command CREATE INDEX index_name ON TABLE [USING (DEFAULT | HASH)] ( column_name, … )
    • [SQL] SHOW INDEXES now shows index_type column.
  • [Imp][Speed] Index optimization that was introduced in the v5.4 (Sept of 2013) improved to affect now Build Index algorithm of types > 4 bytes size, i.e. Double, LLong, ULLong, String and VarChar. Speed have go up about 2 times in our bench for string[100] field with 1 million records.
  • [Imp][Speed] One more index optimization for String Indexes. Speed go up to x10-x15 times! Read Blog Article.

Valentina Studio

  • [NEW] Support of new Valentina DB index type - HASH INDEX.
  • [NEW] Ability to show simple textual news from Paradigma into top-right message box in Toolbar.
  • [Imp] - 6897: SQL Editor now works better with SQL files:
    • TAB-panel have the name of the file;
    • is shown for dirty files;
    • can be saved by cmd+S into same file.