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Valentina Release 5.8 Notes


  • [Fix] - OS X 10.9 and 10.10 now should not complain on our installers that they are from not identified developer. Problem was that our build machines up to now was on 10.8 OS X. But Apple have changed in10.9 digital signature to v2. We have upgrade our build machines to latest 10.10.3.

Valentina Kernel

  • [Imp] - 7033: MAIL command gets parameter __TIMEOUT(secs). Also default changed from 5 sec to 10 seconds.
  • [FIX] - 4755: Create alias for REGEX → REGEXP, RLIKE.
  • [FIX] - 7007: NO CYCLE in CREATE SEQUENCE has no effect, but it should.
  • [FIX] - 4 critical fixes made thanks to new vkernel tests. Related to area when after deletion of some files, new files could forget to init something by zeros.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [FIX] - 7045: writePictureAs() from Canvas.background do not works on Mac with VClient/VServer.

Valentina Studio

  • [FIX] - 7043: PostgreSQL 9.4 dumps fail with server version mismatch.