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Valentina Release 6.0 Notes

Valentina Kernel

  • [NEW] - Money type added.

Valentina SQL

  • [NEW][SQL] - ORDER BY on views.
  • [NEW][SQL] - 'GROUP BY indexInSelect' now works. Similar to ORDER BY.
  • [NEW][SQL] - 'GROUP BY exprAlias' now works. Allows grouping by expressions.
  • [NEW][SQL] - SQL function group_concat_with_separator( fld, separator ).
  • [NEW][SQL] - [UN]SUBSCRIBE channel
  • [NEW][SQL] - NOTIFY channel WITH payload
  • [NEW][SQL] - 'SHOW DATABASE PROPERTIES' now have ACL column
  • [NEW][SQL] - TRUNCATE [TABLE] tbl_name

Valentina Server

  • [NEW] - SQLite DB Server! Read more in article.
  • [NEW] - REST API for Valentina DB Server, SQLite Server. Read more in article.
  • [NEW] - Valentina Report Server can use SQLite DB Server (same and/or another) as datasource.
  • [NEW] - Channels subscription and async notification. Read more in article.
  • [NEW] - Access Control List (ACL) for Valentina Server and for registered databases.
  • [NEW][2274] - ini-File property 'EarlyOpeningDatabases' to force opening of all registered databases on start of VServer, but not on the first request of a DB during connect.
  • [NEW] - Now Valentina Server creates/refresh on each start ini.example file.

Valentina Client

  • [NEW] API for Channels subscription and catch of Async Events.

Valentina Studio

  • [NEW][All] - Change from wxWidgets framework to QT. Yet using heavy C++11 features.
  • [NEW][All] - MS SQL database plugin.
  • [NEW][All] - SQLite Client database plugin - to work with [Valentina SQLite Server].
  • [NEW][Lin] - Now exists one more archive 'vstudio_dynamic', which do NOT include QT DLLs, but is linked against system QT dlls (similar to Skype). Tis allows to use system themas.
  • [NEW][Mac] - VStudio.app now is a 64-bit Cocoa application.
  • [NEW][Mac] - Works standard Cocoa features: full screen, trackpad, …
  • [NEW][Mac] - Support of Retina displays added into many ways. For example, png icons replaced to svg. Algorithms of drawing of reports now take into account scale.
  • [NEW] - SQL Editor now have additional left panel, which show schema objects tree, queries prepared in the Query Builder.

V4RB - Valentina for Xojo ADK

  • [NEW] Support of Valentina SQLite Server 6.0
    • [NEW] VSQLiteDataBase class
    • [NEW] VSQLitePreparedStatement class
    • [NEW] Example RBDB_way/VSqlite - demonstrates easy switch between Local and Client using the same code.
    • [NEW] Wiki page about rbdb for 'Valentina DB' and 'SQLite Client'.
  • [NEW] Support of Notifications in Valentina Server 6.0
    • [NEW] class VNotificationCenter
      • Constructor( inConnection as VConnection )
      • Channels() as VStringArray
      • SubscribedChannels() as VStringArray
      • Subscribe( inChannel as string )
      • UnSubscribe( inChannel as string )
      • UnSubscribeAll( )
      • Notify( inChannel as string, inMessage as string )
      • GetNotification as VNotification
    • [NEW] class VNotification
      • Channel as String
      • ClientID as Integer
      • IsSystem as Boolean
      • Payload as String
      • TimeStamp as String
    • [NEW] Example VServer/Notifications/Notifications
    • [NEW] Example VServer/Notifications/Notifications2

V4REV - Valentina for LiveCode ADK

  • [NEW] Library added, which implements access to Valentina SQLite Server from LiveCode.
  • [NEW] Example added, which demonstrates work with Valentina SQLite Server.


  • [NEW] classes added: VSQLiteDataBase, VSQLitePreparedStatement, VSqliteQueryResult, VSqliteCursor to provide support of Valentina Sqlite Server.
    • IMPORTANT to note that these classes provide work with LOCAL copy of SQLite engine also! Thanks to this you can develop Java code using unified OO API.
  • [NEW] Example added that demonstrates work with Sqlite Server.

Docs + Wiki

  • [NEW] Valentina SQL commands added on grammar page.