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Valentina Release 6.1.x Notes

Release 6.1 Notes

  • [NEW] Valentina Studio for Windows now have 64 bit version. New archive added to FTP.
  • [NEW] Valentina for Xojo now
    • has 'ValentinaPlugin.xojo_plugin' name
    • use zip format instead old .rbx
    • contains 64-bit versions of plugin for all 3 os.
    • installer now installer both vcomponents and vcomponents_64 folders to your computer. This is temporary, until Xojo IDE is 32-bit itself.
  • [NEW][VNET] Valentina for NET ADK now have classes for:
  • Valentina SQLite Server.
  • Notifications of Valentina Server.
  • [NEW][PHP] now provides PDO driver to access Valentina SQLite Server.

Release 6.1.1 (2015-11-12)

Valentina for Xojo

  • [7237] - fixed win installer to use new extension 'xojo_binary_project' for Examples.

Valentina Studio

  • [7325]: Program hangs when disconnecting after connectivity has been lost
  • [DATA TRANSFER] - Mac GUI improve
  • [DataEditor] Fixed crash for SQLite table
  • optimization on closing the client connections to avoid refresh of connected views on each database

Release 6.1.2 (2015-11-17)

Valentina Studio

  • [7329]: Use PQping in vsPostgre_ConnectionFactory::IsAlive()
  • [Postgres] Updated libpq headers to 9.4
  • [ReportEditor] Fixed crash in report generator (after size_t→int replacement working on 64 bit for v6.1)

Valentina Server

  • [7331] Server crashes on event creation query, if STARTS timestamp is defined incorrectly

Release 6.1.3 (2015-11-22)

Valentina Studio

  • [Fix] SQLite crash
  • [Fix] Dialog - Complete Registration.
  • [Fix] CRT dlls in the Vstudio-64 Win installer.
  • [Fix] Apply Filter on Linux using Ctrl+E shortcut, if filter has input focus.

Valentina Server

  • [7340] - Crash on working with notifications
  • [7337] - Issue with DateTime format and master db.

Release 6.1.4 (2015-12-02)

Valentina Studio

  • 7318: close database and delete phisically dangerously close to each other in context menu
  • 7332: There is no able to figure out a build architecture -32 or 64
  • 7342: One-time event with INTERVAL added and PRESERVE option turns into repeating event
  • 7355: When input focus is set to item in list in the Create Table dialog, ESC keypress tries t…
  • 7356: DEL keypress doesn't work in the objects list of the Create Table dialog
  • 7352: Boolean Not Modifiable in List View
  • 7353: Unique and Indexed flags conflict in Create Table dialog [Valentina]
  • 7354: Indexed flag conflicts with PK in Create Table dialog [Valentina]
  • 7357: Renaming an item should not switch a selection
  • 7358: Cardinality list is not updated on switch between link kinds in Create Link dialog
  • 7360: Need to add FKs tab to the Constraints tab of Create Table dialog
  • 7361: Creation of a multiple-column index or unique should not change Indexed and Unique flags fo…
  • 7362: Arrows do not works in the objects list if row is selected but editor has no focus
  • [APPLICATION] Table Editor: small corrections
  • [APPLICATION] Snippets: small refactoring - the prefix was added to the class name
  • [APPLICATION] Update Checker: flush delayed actions before run the dialog to avoid hangs in tests
  • [APPLICATION] Tests: corrections for vsUpdateChecker
  • [MYSQL] Model: corrections (1 test fixed)
  • [MySQL] Field names should be case insensitive
  • [VALENTINA] CreateLink Dialog: corrections for property PROP_LINK_CARDINALITY
  • [FIX CRASH] Use smart pointer to fix use pointer after flush UI
  • [FIX CRASH] Don't use lambda as signal handler (do don't have destroyed 'this'), handle signal in…
  • FIX: [LT] LModelList: ability to navigate through items after ESC was pressed
  • FIX: set Indexed property of a field on creation of a new index, modifying existing
  • FIX: update status bar on next event loop iteration (seems repaint during update can cause XIOError on…
  • FIX: don't process messages from window managed in FlushDelayed function
  • FIX: use parameter to quote identifier


  • VJAVA - examples fixes
  • VJAVA - script to compile examples (just to see is it error free or not