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Valentina Release 6.2.x Notes

Release 6.2

(14 Dec 2015)

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Pro] [Dump Dialog] - Now have search field to select group of Tables. This allows you easy set ON/OFF some group of tables with similar name. [Read more...]
  • [New][!!] [Schema Editor] - Support notification channels for Valentina and PostgreSQL. [Read more...]
  • [New][!!] [Schema Editor] - Ability to change fields sort order. [Read more...]
  • [New] [Schema Editor] - Shows all events on a Valentina Server under connection. [Read more...]
  • [New] [Schema Editor] - Event Dialog now have a special calendar popup, which simplifies scheduling an event for specific date and time. [Read more...]
  • [New] [Data Editor] - Keep a new row in buffer, don't add it immediately to the table, so sequence based fields get correct values.
  • [New] [Load Dump Wizard] - Shows errors for Valentina. [Read more...]
  • [New] [Tutorial] - Learn how to generate a Valentina report and send it via email on a schedule. [Read more...]
  • [Fix] [Data Transfer] - Transfer of BLOB value.

Valentina Server + Engine

  • [NEW][VSQL] Command: REPORT project_name.report_name FROM data_source USING data_query [AS {PDF|JPG|HTML}] [Read more...]
  • [Imp][VSQL] CREATE EVENT command now have optional [FOR db_name] rule. This allows create server-level events. [Read more...]
  • [Imp][VSQL] SHOW EVENTS FROM ““ - you can now specify empty db_name, to see server-level events.
  • [Imp][VSQL] SHOW EVENTS returns ALL events: from each registered database and server-level.
  • [Imp][VSQL] SHOW EVENTS now shows one more column - approximate time of the next execution. [Read more...]
  • [Imp][VSQL] compound_statement rule, i.e. BEGIN … END block, now can be used as Top Valentina SQL command.
    • You can do now SqlQuery( “BEGIN var @a1=1; var @a2=2; SELECT f1 + @a1, @a2 FROM T1” ).
      • You can consider this as not-named procedures.
    • This allows you to have compound statement also in CREATE EVENT … DO BEGIN … END


  • [NEW] API to work with Valentina SQLite Server.
  • [NEW] API to work with Notifications of Valentina Server.

Release 6.2.2

(17 Dec 2015)

Valentina Studio

  • 6046 - In the Export Wizard methods should be displayed separately from the fields.
  • 6599 - Allow to rename tabs.
  • 6673 - Check for unsaved changes on close tab via menu, on close window or button in tab.
  • 7184 - “Restore defaults…” works for selected item only.
  • 7272 - Tabs of the main window should provide more information about internal content or should be editable.
  • 7281 - Dialog Create Table - different sequence of fields in the initial list and PK menu.
  • 7381 - Fix setting VarBinary value for the new record in the DataEditor.
  • 7384 - SQL editor tabs not closed after closing connection to server.
  • [MySQL,Postgres] Optimization to avoid unnecessary property update which triggers loading of related objects.

Release 6.2.3

(23 Dec 2015)

Valentina Studio

  • 7379 - Can not create link for schema other than public in Postgresql.
  • 7383 - Impossible to add a new field as a Primary Key in an existing table [PostgreSQL].
  • 7388 - Part of query history is lost after closing down vstudio..
  • 7392 - Add the objects filter on selecting the datasources.
  • [APPLICATION] Dump Wizard: disable button “Show On Disk” while dumping

Release 6.2.4

(7 Jan 2016)

Valentina Studio

  • 7321 - Valentina Studio Pro stores diagrams in different location than free Valentina Studio.
  • 7387 - Data Editor add new record improvements.
  • 7410 - SQL keywords are pasted wrapped with double quotes (”) after selecting from autocompletion menu.
  • 7420 - App crashes when closing Query editor tab.
  • 7423 - Delete keypress doesn't work on Mac keyboard on report scene.
  • 7426 - “Generate SQL” menu item for table with indexes produces CREATE INDEX queries without ending ';' symbols.
  • 7429 - Indent/Unindent feature in SQL Editor.
  • [SQLEditor] Enabled Save action

Release 6.2.5

(14 Jan 2016)

Valentina Studio

  • 7428 - Data Transfer doesn't allow to select target or source schema for PostgreSQL server.
  • 7433 - Crash during adding an index in some cases.
  • 7434 - Problems adding a BLOB value to table without a primary key.
  • 7437 - BIT(1) fields in Schema Editor show up as having length of (-3).
  • 7445 - some mouseover tips should be corrected.
  • [DumpWizard] Enable “Show On Disk”, if a target file/directory was created.
  • [MySQL] Stop dump, if a target file can't be created.

Release 6.2.6

(20 Jan 2016)

Valentina Studio

  • 7438 - new UNIQUE constraints created in Schema Editor cannot be applied to current database.
  • 7443 - VStudio either fails to update a trigger or fails to update the diagram after updating the trigger
  • 7444 - object search bar in Schema Editor does not work.
  • 7449 - Support more encodings in the CSV Import Wizard.
  • 7450 - Import Wizard hangs or works slowly on choosing UTF-16 or UTF-32 as encoding for UTF-8 file.
  • 7452 - Creation of a Primary Key fails on a new field in an existing SQLite table.
  • 7456 - Crash on showing event dialog for Valentina.
  • [SQLEditor] Restored showing number of records, query time, added number of fields to the bottom of the SQL result, as it was in v5.
  • [SQLite] Dump record values accordingly to their types, not the type of column.
  • [SQLite] Fix dump empty value, TODO: implement dump, which takes into accounting the type of value.

Valentina Server

  • 7453 - Function IsServerRunning can leak connections.
  • 7455 - SQLite Server - SQLITE_OPEN_SHAREDCACHE prevent second transaction waiting on busy_timeout.

Release 6.2.7

(25 Jan 2016)

  • Few minor fixes.

Release 6.2.8

(12 Feb 2016)

Valentina Studio

  • 7424 - Support “pinch to zoom” Mac touchpad gesture in report scene and preview
  • 7397 - Using Key File Auth: SSL-Passphrase not stored and error message even if connection successful.

Valentina KERNEL

  • [Imp] SQL lexer improved for fast parsing of huge BLOBs (megabytes).
  • 7464 - Exception on attempt to open file marked as readonly with write permission on OS X