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Valentina Release 7.5.x Notes

The 7.5.x series of releases were the last releases in the Valentina 7 life cycle.

Valentina Release 7.5.0 Notes


Valentina Studio Pro

  • [New][Start Page] - “Recent Databases” and “Recent Projects” now show items sorted by date, most recent on top. New clock-icon allows you see items sorted alphabet.
  • [Fix] - Table Alias auto-completion now shows RecID and OID fields.

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Data Editor] - Filter Rows now has (X) icon on the left side to REMOVE it.
    • Do OPTION+CLICK (ALT on Win/Linux) to remove all filer rows at once.
  • [Imp] - In diagrams “Save Changes…” changed to “Apply Changes…”
  • [Imp] - Valentina Server - Create Database dialog now allows choose a database mode (1-4 files).
  • [Fix] - In Filter of Data Editor now “CMD + E” works while you in edit mode of a filter cell.
  • [Fix][Data Editor] - When switching to another table the current filter is removed because it has no sense for another table.

Valentina Server

IMPORTANT Changes in this build. MAC OS X Users of Valentina Server < v7.5.
Please read the new ARTICLE carefully!
  • [Imp][REST] - Examples improved to use Python lists as is. Transformation to XML/JSON happens inside of helper script now.
  • [Fix] 8068 - Cannot create KeyValue when vdb is under VSERVER.


  • [New] - “LINK RECORD(LAST) OF T1 WITH RECORD(LAST) OF T2”, you can use now LAST keyword to specify the last_recid_of_table(“T”).
  • [Imp] - SELECT … FOR XML, FOR JSON and REST now supports VARIANT field type.
  • [Imp] - SHOW VIDENTS now returns names of KeyValue objects.
  • [Imp] - TRUNCATE TABLE now works for a Table with Links if all Links are empty.
  • [Imp] - Exceptions about date/time now shows the current DateTime format and separators, so a developer can easily understand what to change.

Valentina Release 7.5.1 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Data Editor] - Column has the auto-size contextual menu, and button Auto-Resize similar to SQL Editor.
  • [Fix][VReport][Windows] - 'papersource' parameter in print dialog was broken.

Valentina Reports

  • [New] - Methods PrintToLocalPrinter/PrintToServerPrinter has string to be sent to printer. Now, this string can have 'papersource' parameter.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] - A lots faster! x4-x50 times faster Building of IndexByWords for Text/VarChar.
    • Benches show the speed up x4 - x40 times.
    • 2GB TEXT data are indexed in about 100 seconds on MacBook 2016.

Valentina Release 7.5.2 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [Fix][SQLite] - Parser fixed - underscore is allowed at any place of non-quoted identifier


  • [Fix] - Examples fixed to take into account the fact UTF16 string, used as KEY.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] - LIKE/ILIKE now use IndexByWords even for CONTAINS search of kind '%str%' if between %% present only one word, i.e. no word-delimiters.
    • This makes search 250 times faster on our bench. For example, 1GB TEXT field with 50K records does search 0.016 miliSec instead of 5 sec.

Valentina Release 7.5.3 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [New] 8087[SQL Editor] - Add ability to switch the source connection of the SQL Editor.
  • [New][PostgreSQL] - Support of Event Trigger.
  • [Imp] - Diagrams, Schema Editor → Design dialog get the ability to change the order of children objects in NEW objects.
  • [Fix] 8088[SQLite] - Fix creation of the second foreign key in the SQLite table.
  • [Fix] 8092[PostgreSQL] - Schema Editor hangs on very huge Tables.
  • [Fix] 8094[SQLite] - Newly created SQLite link is not added as a child to table, only to the database.

Valentina Release 7.5.4 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [New] 8114 - “File…” menu now has a new item “Open File…” for .sql files. Opens them directly in SQL Editor.
  • [Imp] 8105[Data Editor] - Add ability to set NULL value for multiple records.
  • [Fix] 8063 - “Links” not included in “Generate SQL → Create” for table (ActionGenerateSQLCreateHandler).
  • [Fix] 8093[Query Log] - It now sorts by time.
  • [Fix] 8113[Query Editor] - Crash when Query Editor is opened for closed database.
  • [Fix] 8115[PostgreSQL] - Refreshing the PostgreSQL schema or database objects changes the text of all views to the default (SELECT 1).
  • [Fix] 8117[DataEditor][SQLite] - Unable to work with big integer values in DataEditor and SQLite table.
  • [Fix] 8126[PostgreSQL] - Fix reindex action of PostgreSQL table.
  • [Fix][PostgreSQL] - Error on getting PostgreSQL 10 sequence properties.


  • [Imp][SQL] - MERGE command now works with VIEW also.

Valentina C ADK

  • [Fix] 8108 - Added VServer_Free().

Valentina Release 7.5.5 Notes

Version unreleased and rolled into the 7.5.6 hot fix.

Valentina Release 7.5.6 Notes


This was a hot fix release to fix issues that appeared in 7.5.4.

7.5.4 and 7.5.5 are unsupported and should be replaced by 7.5.6.

Valentina Release 7.5.7 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [Imp][VDB] Schema Editor now show the size of the index.
  • [Fix] 8111 Error on getting PostgreSQL 10 sequence properties.
  • [Fix] 8149 Text Editor does not escape single quotation marks for MS SQL.

Valentina Reports

  • [Fix] 8141 VReport::PreviewPage generates an image of incorrect size if preview zoom is applied.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Fix][Win] installer now includes v8_x64.dll for vcomponents_x64

Valentina for LiveCode

  • [Mac] Now includes the 64-bit version of externals. Each external includes 32 and 64-bit code in the same bundle.
  • [Mac] V4REV installer still go as a 32-bit archive but contains that 64-bit versions.
  • [Mac] V4REV installer now also installs vcomponents_x64
  • [Mac] dbvalentina.bundle now go without a version number
  • [Mac] installer now includes dbvsqlite.bundle - allowing client interaction with Valentina SQLite Server
  • [Mac] TODO: deployment scripts should be updated yet for 64 bit apps to copy vcomponents_x64

Valentina Release 7.5.8 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [Chg][Report Editor] Now shows the size of fonts in points instead of pixels.
  • [Fix][PostgreSQL] SQL Dump updated to support all recent releases of PostgreSQL 10.x, including 10.1 and forthcoming 10.2
  • [Fix] 8156[Query Editor] doesn't add the schema name for the tables when generating the JOIN.
  • [Fix] 8157[Query Editor] When the alias is set for one of the linked tables, the JOIN operation is not generated at all.

Valentina Release 7.5.9 Notes


Valentina Studio

  • [Fix] 8164 Save and restore the size of the Edit Query dialog.
  • [Fix] 8166 Fix opening the SQL Server database with Cyrillic symbols in name [Windows].
  • [Fix] 8167[MSSQL] Fix showing the image returned by the SQL Server.
  • [Fix] 8169[Report Editor] “Sort by Fields” dialog works only for 2 fields, but not 3, 4, …
  • [Fix] 8171[PostgreSQL] Fix Data Editor Layout saving for PostgreSQL table.

Valentina Reports

  • [Fix] 8179 Date formatting in the Expression control outputs only time for $F() macro [Valentina].


  • [Fix] 8168 MultiRow-binding (prepared SqlStatement) could ignore some bind rows.
  • [Fix] 8173 ABS( '1' ) returns empty string instead of numeric 1 value.
  • [Fix] 8176 The database locale is not applied to the SQL FORMAT() function.

Valentina PHP

  • [Imp][Linux] added extension compiled for PHP 7.2.