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Valentina Release 8.0 Notes

Release 8.0.0


Valentina Studio

Valentina Forms is brand new feature and visual paradigm in Valentina Studio.

  • [New] Valentina Forms - the most requested feature in Valentina Studio
    • [New][PRO]Add forms to Valentina Projects (local and also registered on Valentina Server)
    • [New][PRO]Powerful Form Editor to visually create | execute | save Valentina Forms to Valentina Projects
    • [New][PRO]Drag-drop widgets, controls and layouts, resize layout canvas to visually create forms
    • [New][PRO]Register and edit Valentina Projects with Valentina Forms to Valentina Server
    • [New][PRO]All widgets, controls, and layouts in Valentina Forms scriptable with JavaScript
    • [New][PRO]Documentation for all classes, enums, global constants and more for use in JavaScript in Valentina Forms
    • [New][PRO]Snippets library for often used code snippets and custom code snippets
    • [New][PRO]Valentina Form data sources support all other supported data sources (not only Valentina DB, SQLite, but also MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc)
  • [New] FREE Valentina Studio works as a runtime for local and server-registered Valentina Projects
  • [New] FREE Valentina Studio can act as a demo for Valentina Forms creation, save disabled
  • [New] Array Editor inside of Data Editor, to support new ARRAY field type in Valentina DB.

Valentina Server

  • [NEW] REST API - support of ValentinaDB ARRAY type via SQL binding
  • [NEW] Registered Valentina Projects now support serving Valentina Forms to Valentina Studio


  • [NEW] ARRAY field type according to SQL 2003 standard: a single dimension, fixed size.
  • [Chg][SQL] Using [] for delimited identifiers is prohibited now! Please use double quotes always, according to SQL standard.

Valentina for Xojo

Valentina for .NET

Valentina for Java

Valentina for LiveCode

Valentina for Director

    • We stopping to support this product and produce builds for it.
    • We make latest existing builds of V4MD to be free. Get a free license if you want.

Valentina COM

    • We stopping to support this product and produce builds for it.

Release 8.0.1


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Forms] Use VIEWS as data sources in Valentina Forms
  • [Fix] 8190[Forms] “Last Record” form button generates an error


  • [Fix] 8138 Crash of “ALTER EVENT ENABLED;” command.
  • [Fix] 8158 Unable to create an additional connection to DB.
  • [Fix] 8185 Set To NULL context menu item doesn't change the value.
  • [Fix] 8191 More strict rules to recognize our own .vsp file.
  • [Fix] 8192 Fix SELECT ARRAY['a','b','c'][1];
  • [Fix] 8192 Fix UPDATE T SET fldA[1] = …;

Release 8.0.2


Valentina Studio

  • [Fix][Form Editor] - fix icon size on Linux with gtk breeze theme

Valentina Reports

  • [Fix] - Evaluation of record index in the footer


  • [Fix] 8192 - JSON_TO_ARRAY() method now recognizes int/double values better
  • [Fix] 8195 - Opening of encrypted db with ENUM field
  • [Fix] 8197 - Load SQL dump with huge literals (megabytes)\

Valentina C ADK

  • [New] - Methods Project_Free(), Report_Free()
  • [Fix][Linux] - corrected linking to vcomponents dylibs.
  • [Fix] - crash in Valentina_InitReports() do not log before init vdb kernel.