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Valentina Release 9.5.x Notes

Release 9.5.0

15 Aug 2019


Please read this section if you are upgrading your Paradigma Software products on macOS or Linux.

  • This release drops 32-bit support for both the macOS and Linux operating systems. For Windows, Paradigma Software will continue to provide 32-bit archives for some time.
    • On the Paradigma Software FTP site, for versions 9.5 and later, the mac_32 and lin_32 directories will not exist. You can still access older releases in the Previous Releases directory.
  • All macOS installers are now in .pkg format
    • older installers were 32-bit applications
  • All macOS ADK installers for 9.5 and later install into /Users/Shared/Paradigma Software
  • Previous versions install into /Users/username/Paradigma Software

Prepare to MacOS 10.15 + Xojo 2019r2

This section contains a list of all changes we did preparing to MAC OS X 10.15 and Xojo2019 r2

  • Change to SDK 10.9 in all our Xcode projects. This is the minimal version for notarization of your Mac apps.
  • Removed all 32-bit archives for macOS for 10.15 or later
  • All installers are made in a new way because old ones were 32-bit apps. Now we have .pkg for all products.
  • VDB code improved to find vcomponents_x64 in App.app/Contents/Frameworks location.
  • V4RB / XOJO code examples - removed usage of FSRef - deprecated by Xojo 2019r2.
  • V4RB / XOJO and all other ADK deployment scripts changed to install vcomponents_x64 into App.app/Contents/Frameworks/ location instead of App.app/Contents/

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Examples] Cloud Examples of ValentinaDB/SQLite databases (Sakila), which user can download and open in one click. Also, the user can hide examples and reload at any time.
  • [New][Examples] Cloud Examples of Valentina Projects with reports.
    • Examples are located on a special GitHub account.


  • [Imp][Linux] upgrade Qt from v5.5 to 5.13
    • This requires the update of ICU library (on Linux) that is used by VDB also.
  • [Fix][Sql Editor] crash in auto-completion menu when you have a connection to some db server, but there is no any db chosen and you type “TblName.”
  • [Fix][Data Editor]8574 – Syntax error on sorting in the Data Editor with WHERE filter.
  • [Fix][Diagram Editor]8577 – Buttons to create a Link on diagram work wrong on Retina screen (or with zoom).
  • [Fix][SQLite] Fixed altering a table with VIEWs.

Valentina Server

  • [Imp][Mac] ACE framework updated from v6.0.3 (7-8 years old) to v6.5.5.
    • This open doors to newer OpenSSL 1.1
  • [Imp][SQLite] updated to 3.29, this affects Valentina SQLite Server.

Valentina DB

  • [New][SQL] MERGE command with 2 or more fields joins, now will use indexing. This speed up things in hundreds of times.
  • [Imp][VShared] Use NSTemporaryDirectory on macOS to fix crash on 10.15
  • [Fix] After TRUNCATE command in a table with sequences the following INSERTs could crash.
  • [Fix]8600: sec_to_time() may produce NULL for valid arg in some circumstances

Valentina for Xojo ADK

  • [Imp] V4RB plugin now works with Xojo 2019r2 BETA.
    • For this we replaced in the code plugin FolderItem to FSRef function on FolderItem.NativePath.
  • All Example and Tutorial project saved with the option '64-bit build' for 3 OS.
  • Linux-32 plugin removed at all.
  • Carbon-32 and Cocoa-32 plugins still in place for now.

Valentina for PHP ADK

  • [Cgh] Valentina PHP Standalone products/archives REMOVED at all on 3 OS.
    • This was some old idea for PHP-based apps distributed on DVDs.


  • We have updated “Visual Studio 17” on all build Windows computers to latest v15.9.14
    • This changes MS runtime DLLs, which go in the vcomponents folder.

Release 9.5.1

21 Aug 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [SSH] Updated the libssh2 library to 1.9.0 on Linux, macOS and Windows
    • This fixed windows issue 8599.
  • [Lin] CAIRO library updated to version 1.16
    • This fixes an issue with Double Sided Label Reports.

Valentina Reports

  • [Fix] Page height ignoring pagination and when displaying preview/print to PDF and PostScript
  • [Fix] Shift of Fixed-position controls when located next to a table

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] Speed of DELETE greatly improved (x20-30+) for queries DELETE … WHERE RecID = n

Release 9.5.2

29 Aug 2019

Valentina Studio

  • [Imp] Free Edition of VStudio now display 2 new buttons “Buy Pro” and “Read about Pro”.
  • [Fix][Mac] Fixed loading ODBC drivers, after new restrictions from Apple.
  • [Fix] [SQL Editor] Fixed broken “tblAlias.” menu, fixed tblAlias for the case when we have >= joins.
  • [Fix] 8602: Valentina Studio 9.5 MSSQL datetime2 datatype has show garbled content
  • [Fix] Fixed downloading example files on some Linux distributions.
  • [Fix] [Valentina DB][Server Admin] Fixed showing the list of languages for error messages.

Release 9.5.3

3 Sept 2019

Valentina Studio

  • Few minor fixes found by our internal tests.


  • Fix bug introduced in 9.5.1 after optimization of RecID field. It could be in a search with the RecID field.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [New][RBDB][VDB][SQLite] +3 new methods to follow changes in Xojo 2019r2 (it is in beta now)
    • SelectSQL()
    • ExecuteSQL()
    • PrepapreStatement()
  • these new methods do not break the ability to use the plugin on older Xojo builds, e.g.2019r1
  • Reminding: V4RB users, who do not want use RBDB from Xojo Pro, can put an empty file with “DisableRBDB” name into the folder of Xojo.
  • [Fix] 8617 Boolean VVariant.Value not returning Xojo boolean value.