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Form Editor Help

Available in Valentina Studio Pro or Valentina Studio Single.


Valentina Studio Pro incorporates the Valentina Form Editor, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to design and execute forms using JavaScript. Forms are more than just visual objects that let your users add, modify and display data stored in your databases. Forms can include a wide range of objects that can have scripts attached to them that can accomplish more complex tasks. One form can show other forms and access their methods and properties. It allows the developer to build complex applications with multiple dialogs.

Valentina Forms is a very useful way to let your users work with your databases based on your business requirements. Your users do not need to be database professionals to use Valentina Forms.

 Valentina Forms Editor

Valentina Forms for End Users

Because Valentina Forms are stored in a Valentina Project (.vsp) file, they can be deployed to end users who are using the standard version of Valentina Studio. It does not matter if the form was developed on a different operating system or not. Valentina Forms renders within Valentina Studio appropriately to the operating system that is running Valentina Studio.

Forms in Free Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio does not support creating and modifying forms, but you can still work with forms:

  • Form Editor Evaluation - test out forms creation and scripting without saving to disk (Read more about demo mode)
  • Use Prepared Forms - execute forms prepared by somebody else in Valentina Studio Pro.

Forms prepared in Valentina Studio are saved into a Valentina Project file (.vsp). Valentina Projects can be stored either locally or on the Valentina Server for use in a multi-user environment.

Other assets such as Valentina Reports are also stored in Valentina Project files. Valentina Studio Report Viewer lets end users view and perform developer-enabled filters on reports.

Valentina Forms for Developers

You can deploy Valentina Forms to your end users by directly sharing a Valentina Project file with them or by registering a Valentina Project file on the Valentina Server.

Creating and modifying Valentina Forms, much like other visual data design tools in Valentina Studio, requires Valentina Studio Pro. Using forms does not require Valentina Studio Pro.

Getting Started Building Forms

You can get started building forms using the Form Wizard, which steps you through your available data sources and assign controls to them. You are not limited to using Form Wizard. You can just as easily just open up a new, blank Valentina Form and add objects as you desire.

Form Editor Help

Valentina Forms allows developers to deploy complex solutions using visual tools, native objects, and scripting. To get the most out of Valentina Forms, you should review the available documentation.

Valentina Forms are a powerful feature that will receive regular updates. Check regularly on the official Valentina product forum for announcements.

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