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MongoDB Simple Report

This is a quick example of steps for creating a report using an example MongoDB database (available through the MongoDB Atlas service) with Valentina Reports. You can test this out using the free version of Valentina Studio but to save your Report, you will need Valentina Studio PRO.

Establish Connection

Click Connect to button to open connection to MongoDB server:

In the example, the MongoDB Atlas service will be used:

Check that collections are shown in the Schema Editor:

Create Project

On the Start Page click New ProjectLocal… and specify the name:

Create Datasource

On the Project Tab click CreateDatasource:

Select the database (for example, the sample_airbnb provided by Atlas service), and click OK:

Create Query

On the Project Tab, click CreateQuery.

We'll use JSON language to write queries:

You can also use the JavaScript language to write more complex data retrieval procedures, for the current report, such a query would look like this:

The JavaScript API of the objects used to write such queries can be found here.

Switch to the Test tab to check if the command is correct and click Create:

Create Report

On the Project Tab, click CreateReport to open a wizard.

Input the name for a new report:

Select the query:

Select a few fields:

We'll use Columnar model for report:

The layout of the created report. If some of the fields are long - select this field and check can_grow property.

Preview of the report: