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Valentina Release 13.10 Notes

Release 13.10.0


Adds major new feature to Valentina Reports Engine – TOC Generation. For HTML reports (and for PDF in the future), items of TOC can work as links to original objects.

Below are listed new features and improvements in the Valentina Report Engine, required to achieve the TOC generation with links to pages.

Valentina Report Engine

  • [Chg][Controls] - ID and Link properties of a Report Control now are expressions (SQL/JS/Python)
    • Before they were constant values.
  • [Imp][Groups] - We can now disable sorting for a Report Group using the Original order option.
    • See it in the Dialog of Gropping, the “Gropping” button.
    • This option is required for multi-level TOC.
  • [New][Parts] - Report Part now has a new property 'evaluation_time' which can be one of { First Pass / Second Pass }.
    • We need a deferred generation of the part with TOC at the beginning of the Report.
  • [New][Controls] - Text Controls now have the 'fill_with' property, to fill space by repeating a character or a string.
    • Works for alignments: Left, Center, Right.
    • This is required to fill TOC with standard “……” symbols.
  • [New][Controls] - A justified type of alignment has been added for text controls.

  • [New][Scripting] properties of 'Instance' in the report scripts:
    • Instance.page – a page number where an instance is placed
    • Instance.cursorPosition – a record number an instance is generated for
    • Instance.id – a unique identifier (updates each report generation)
  • [New][Scripting] Report methods to find instances of controls of the specified names:
    • instances() – This method returns general information about instances.
    • instancesForContents() – This method returns only the information necessary for building the table of contents.
  • [New][Scripting] - Report properties to access the main report and child parts:
    • report.parts
    • report.mainReport
  • [New][Scripting] - the ability to use Lazy values in the script to generate Cursor with data.
  • [New][Scripting] - If the script for Cursor returns a sequence with objects, then fields for Cursor will be generated from the properties of those objects.
  • [New][Scripting] - If a control has 'evaluation_time' = Report, its script gets the original Cursor position, but not the last.

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Report Editor] - Automatic assignment of 'evaluation_time' to 'Report', when this makes sense, e.g. for page number, fields with instances.
  • [New][Report Editor] - Now, you can reorder the parts of the report by dragging their tabs.
  • [New][Report Editor] - Rename part by double click on its name at the bottom.
  • [New][Report Editor] - Added an ability to delete the first part of the report.
  • [Imp][Report Editor] - Display a clear message when a query fails during report generation from an MS SQL datasource. This will assist users in identifying and resolving issues more effectively.
  • [Imp][Form Editor] - The report.takeLogs() method has been added to obtain diagnostic information about report generation when initiated from forms or scripts.

Valentina Report Server

  • Is affected by all changes listed above.

Valentina Report ADK

  • Is affected by all changes listed above.