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Valentina Release 13.2 Notes

Release 13.2.0



As applicable, Paradigma Software products are becoming available on the Win ARM64 platform. This release introduces the first products for WIN ARM64.

  • Valentina Server
  • Valentina for C++ ADK (VSDK)
  • Valentina for C ADK (VCSDK)

Paradigma Software product licensing does not require a separate license for new hardware platforms. For this reason, a Valentina Server for Windows license will work on x86 or ARM64.

Valentina Studio

  • [Imp][Schema Editor] - Format the 'size' in 'Property Inspector', using Kb, Mb, Gb, …
  • [Fix][Report Editor] - Don't restore “internal” properties from the cache (fixes crash on generating a report).
  • [Chg][Schema Editor] - do not show in left panel bookmarks. Bookmarks are now available in the main toolbar, in the new button menu.

Valentina KERNEL

  • [Imp]9194 - File locking improvements.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [New][ARM64] - plugin now contains DLL for WIN ARM64.